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Sebastian Smith


Date of birthJuly 3, 1991
Marital statussingle, no children


6/2015Degree in Diploma in Business Information (Note 1,2)
10/2010 to 5/2015Studying business computer science
University of Mannheim
– Focus Management & Economics
– specializing in e-commerce Thesis:“Cost-saving effects of CRM systems in telecommunications companies with a size of more than 1,000 employees” (note 1.0)
6/2010High School (grade 1.6)
Claus von Stauffenberg School


02/2014 – 04/2014Consulting GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
case study on introducing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) in a company in the metalworking industry
06/2013 – 10/2013Software AG, Basel
programming a PC host interface with C ++
02/2012 – 04/2012IT Company, Brussels
case study on the introduction of a document management (12 weeks)


Englishfluent (TOEFL test 11/2014)
SpanishBasic knowledge


CRMvery good, intensive eight years employment
SAP ERPvery good conceptual knowledge, for three years
Programming C ++very good, intense seven years
SQL databasesvery good, intense 5 years
HTMLwell, for three years
JavaBasic knowledge
MS OfficeGood


10/2011Training “Project Management” (five days)
Institute of Project Management, Stuttgart


2013“The importance of e-business in the financial services”
Published in: books for academic work No. 8/2013, S.21-25.


Football (active club member since 2003), reading business books, Programming
Signature (with place and date)
Photo resume template
Tip: Information on nationality and marital status are voluntary!More about the personal information in your resume
Tip: It is useful to study and financial statements (including high school) as summarized under a keyword here, for example, under “education”. More about study and training in resume
Tip: To list of placements includes a short and precise description of the activity.
More about language learning in the curriculum vitae
More on skills in your resume
Tip: developments only perform when they are in a meaningful context for the advertised post.
Tip: Since the resume is a formal document that may not be missing the date, place and signature.

  Free Resume templates and Basic information and thoughts to resume

resume templatesThe curriculum is an integral part of an application. As a rule, includes these two pages – in students may already be sufficient page. Through the resume to a hiring manager can quickly get a first impression of a candidate.

Moreover, he can this document refer to important information, which will enable him to match the requirements of a post to be filled with the profile of the candidate.

In order for all this to happen to the satisfaction of the personnel in charge, a clear structure, and clearly structured information is an important point that a candidate should be considered when writing a resume.

In addition, it is advisable if possible to focus only the important information and to dispense with the indication of unimportant and irrelevant to the job data.

Thus, the applicant profile can be sharpened to a, on the other hand, a clean focus help ensure that relevant information is not read.

These data / content should be found in your resume

In a resume are usually first the personal data of an applicant to find. These data are clearly presented and structured in the space provided. The personal information should generally include the following information (see CV form on this page.):

  • Full address
  • phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth and place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Nationality (only if this can not be derived)

In addition, this area of the document can be provided with a matching photo.

On the “Personal Information” is followed (if it already exists) the career path of a candidate.In this area the previous work stations of a candidate are listed.

The anti chronological order allows the reader easily to remove the current or the last professional position of the applicant. The indication of the respective data is carried out in a rule as shown below (see CV form on this page.):

  • date
  • Job Title
  • Company / Organization with place optionally industry and number of employees
  • 3-5 activity provided (if possible, the selection of these activities should be geared to the requirements of the new location)

Each professional station gets this such a block within the CV.

The career follows the section with information about the training. This is reported in accordance with the professional positions with date, training or academic title, company / organization / school / college and training content.

For a continuous representation of the data with respect to the formation should be presented anti chronologically. Below are some key points to this block (see CV form on this page.):

  • date
  • Name of training
  • Company / Organization / School / College with place optionally industry and number of employees
  • where appropriate training content
  • possibly final grade and subject of the thesis

To highlight completed training, but a separate area can be created. Alternatively, these measures may be placed “training” in the field. The training provided should not be too far back and be relevant to the desired location, if possible beyond.

then the next block form the “Special skills” of a candidate. This area offers the opportunity to make the recruiters on additional knowledge attention, which in turn are best if relevant for the intended location.

Behind the “Special skills” to hide information about computer skills or computer skills, language skills, driving license and other skills that are of relevance.Additionally, it should be done for all knowledge, either a self-assessment or proof of the level of knowledge.

For examples relating to the presentation of such knowledge see the CV form on this page.

In conclusion, even an area with interests and hobbies are inserted. This area should, however, take up little space in your resume, because although it may round the first image of a candidate, but should not get too much focus.

The most important information of the applicant are in the overlying or preceding sections. When specifying hobbies and interests should be taken to ensure that the mentioned pastimes no negative concerns about the future performance of an employee wake (eg, extreme sports with a high risk of injury -> This might fear the recruiter that the candidate could turn out often).

In conclusion then follows the signature. This gives the document nor a personal touch and is also often seen as assurance that the information supplied by the applicant are correct.

Frequently asked questions about CV

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about the CV.

Where the CV is placed in the application folder? At what point of the resume is on the order of the application documents?

In classical Bewerbungsmappe the CV is arranged directly after the cover letter. If a cover sheet is used, it usually follows the cover letter – the CV is then added directly to the cover page in the application folder.

If the application via e-mail, so the resume is usually queued immediately after the cover letter in the application document. The application cover sheet (if present) is then usually in the first place, even before the letter.

How can I create a resume?

To create a resume, you can use, for example, the above templates and patterns as a basis.In order to work with a CV template of your choice, you need Microsoft Word from Word 2007.

Alternatively, you can also use word processing programs such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice for creating your resume. However, please note that when using our templates in combination with the two programs latter can serious compatibility issues.

What is a curriculum vitae?

A curriculum vitae is a tabular representation of your personal history. Earlier on this page you will find several examples and your CV.

What should I consider when choosing a resume template?

When choosing a resume template, it is advisable to check the filters:

  • Suitable to the layout of the template for the substantive scope of my career and its representation?
  • Fits the original optically to the job, the company and the industry?
  • Fits the bill to my personality?

Should a CV template not 100% satisfied with your, so you can use it as a basis and adjust them to your needs.

How can I edit the CV form?

The above CV format for Word, you can use Word to edit from 2007 onwards. Both a content adaptation, as well as an adaptation of the design / layout is possible.

How detailed a CV should be?

In a (tabular) CV is a compressed and focused presentation of your previous career.Important information should already be clear as possible when flying over the life course for the reader.

Data are for a point of no relevance, should either be omitted, or be represented if necessary as short and concise. Use at the individual stations in your resume if possible bullet points to present your relevant for the job qualifications and skills clearly and structured.

How long will my resume be?

A resume should not exceed two A4 pages as a rule. Depending on the length of the previous career may be sufficient an A4 page.

At what point should I start on your CV? How far should I go back in chronological resume?

In most cases, you can start on your resume from the secondary school. A visit to an elementary school, all applicants in common, so that this station does not matter for filling positions.

Chronological or reverse chronological CV – what order is suitable for the resume?

As a rule, an anti-chronological, chronologically decreasing order for the CV is well suited.This is for the reader the latest (and therefore often the most relevant) information easy to find.

Why should my resume be consecutive?

Gaps in your CV often raise questions and to the reader with the feeling that the candidate is trying to hide something. To get around this, a resume should therefore be possible without gaps.

What can I write in CV unemployment rather than “unemployed”?

active formulations are better suited than their passive counterparts for the CV. Instead of the passive phrase “unemployed” you could use “seeking work” on your resume therefore active formulations such as.

My resume is too long – I can leave?

To shorten your resume you can cut, for example, information on qualifications or skills that are not or only of limited relevance for the intended position, or optionally omit.

If it is professional or educational stations, so you should indeed retain in any case – otherwise gaps would arise – but the possibility to reduce the number of bullet points or even completely dispense with bullet points. The sections “knowledge” and “interests” are, usually best to cut the CV.

What font and size suitable for your resume?

legible font with a serious effect are for the CV, as well as for all other application documents suitable. Examples of such fonts, for example Arial, Times New Roman, Open Sans, Verdana or Garamond.

Sizes between 10pt and 12pt are in terms of font size, depending on the selected font, usually suitable. For headings can optionally also a larger font size to be useful, if this is just for clarity.

Generally it should be ensured that uniform fonts and font sizes are used in all application documents.

How can I write my resume? Where the CV is signed?

The curriculum will be signed at the end. Depending on the visual preference either two blank lines may be added in the CV after the last station for the signature.

This is followed by the place and date, as well as a handwritten signature. Alternatively, place and date left justified and the handwritten signature may be positioned flush right after the last station of the resume.

For the signature a suitable writing tool (eg. Fillers in blue ink) is recommended. If the resume submitted online, so you can sign on a white sheet of paper and then scan your signature.

Where can I mention my driver’s license in your CV?

Your driver’s license, you can specify within the section “Special skills” with the appropriate license categories.

Where the picture is in the CV?

The photo is usually placed right-justified in the curriculum vitae within the section “Personal data”. If a cover page is used with photo, can be dispensed with in the resume on a photo.

What file format should I use for my resume?

The CV should always be sent as a PDF file. This file format has the advantage that it can not be readily changed.

How can I save my resume as a PDF file and send it?

Your resume example, you can save directly into Word as a PDF file. To do this, simply change the file type in the “Save As” dialog on “PDF”. Please make sure that your resume previously as editable Word file (eg. “.docx”) Save to edit it again at a later date. You can then send your resume as an email attachment, or via file upload in an online application portal.

Errors in your resume: where the pitfalls lie

Errors in your resumeIf you apply the letter is devoted the most attention and energy. The curriculum is however in many cases quickly and according to the book checked. A mistake, because the devil is in the detail and the resume is more important, as many candidates is clear.

These blunders you should avoid:

  • Too little concrete information on the recent activities
  • Missing evidence cited activities
  • Gaps in your CV
  • Unrealistic-perceived language skills
  • Improper Hobbies
  • Exaggerated clear layout customization
  • Excessive distortion of her own style
  • Too much text and tags on individual stations
  • To elaborate layout suffered by the clarity
  • Stilbruch between letter and resume
  • Outdated application photo

Resume Tips: Can I lie here?

Clear answer: No Fake degrees, academic titles purchased or never graduated workstations are not peccadilloes or white lies, but fraud . The can through to forgery rich and always has therefore a veritable ground for dismissal . Even after one has begun the job for a long time.

At worst, the civil consequences entail. From this type of CV-polish so you should strictly stay away.

Against other cosmetic procedures is less objection:

  • Chronic diseases , for example, which have no influence on the job, you do not need to mention.
  • The same applies to successful stays in an addiction clinic .

Also you can move through skillful representation in a slightly better light – for example, if yourpast successes will substantiate by numbers: Do these in absolute form is not quite as convincing, then make up percentages or refer to rankings. Were you in the job not the number 1? Then be stated precisely that you were among the top 5 of the company.

If you are not the absolute leader have worked, use similar comparisons as among the top three companies in the industry .

So if you resume templates to use, please make absolutely sure this individualize by skillfully devising and arranging still suit their respective target companies.

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