Success in working life is based on 50 percent to professional competence. The International studies.The other half depends on the so-called key skills such as communication and team skills.

The growing importance of so-called soft factors such as social skills, problem solving ability, mobility and flexibility, also notes Wolfgang Henninger, a mediator in the Central Placement Office.

It produces different from before, has flatter hierarchies and is team-oriented, he summarises. Lonely tinkerers are no longer asked what counts is cooperation.

However, we ask Behind the contents of these personality traits prevails as with most buzz words only once perplexity. Has ability to communicate something to do with the ratchet in the corridor and requires assertiveness not more elbows tactic that you so do not want to bring in conjunction with soft factors?

Psychologist James Naysmyth, one of the experts for career guidance from the Office of Professional strategy brings light into darkness. What is behind the requirements of personality traits? And what is their significance in relation to the advertised position?

The career professionals Mike Adams and Henry Christian have compiled the ten most demanded soft skills and explain what is behind it:

Team orientation

One for all, all for one. applies as a team, who can not only effectively work as a team, but whose whole thinking and working is subordinate to the team spirit.

This increases the power and efficiency of a group. Lone wolves that are reluctant to develop solutions together or find it difficult to solve problems in cooperation with other out. Because team spirit is a key qualification that is now demanded almost everywhere.

Communication skills

Who is able to communicate, can formulate messages clearly.

That is, he or she makes the comparison easy to understand the message properly. Yet rather However, communication skills means to interpret messages of other properly.

This not only to listen carefully but also to decrypt all other signals such as facial expressions, gestures and body posture and to respond accordingly.As communications capability proves in the end the one who can well with others.

Organizational capacity

10 key skills employers wantOrganizational talents prioritize.The most important thing is done first.Unimportant works are at the rear.In persons, this Softskill therefore also relates to the ability to structure a specific area of responsibility efficiently.


Mental agility is now demanded to almost all workplaces.

Because the rapid technological development and the constant changes of markets require a high degree of adaptability of enterprises and workers.

Behind it nothing more than the willingness hides constantly learn new things and develop.This is true for learning a new computer program as well as for incorporation into a new area of responsibility.


The Softskill mobility is the little sister of flexibility.

Even spatially the ideal employee today must remain absolutely flexible.This is especially true for management.Global markets force companies and employees to respond quickly to new location factors.
Therefore, for the career leap in leadership positions this Softskill often a prerequisite.

Emotional Intelligence

A wise head alone does not make a successful manager.This thesis Daniel Goleman brought mid-90s, the modern human resources falter.

 key skills
key skills

Increasingly since then applies the emotional intelligence or social skills identified as a key qualification in the labor market.

What is meant is always the same: Intuitive, natural skill in dealing with colleagues and employees.With these include soft skills such as team, communication and integration.


Whoever loses the desire to work, working on the back burner.

The thought of the next vacation dominates the head much more than the next project.Such adjustment is possible decrease the productivity of course.

Psychologists understand by motivating the sum of all reasons, put the human action in motion.Motivation is like the engine of the own drive and should be possible cranked by itself without other incessantly must REFILL` gasoline.

As a highly motivated applies in the workplace, therefore, those who are prepared to a large extent, to actively support her his work without his boss must drive him constantly.


Potential leaders should be able to enforce their own ideas, goals and ideas with colleagues.

If it comes to the conflict, merely not back off, show no weakness and represent their own position clearly and decisively.

And it does, who clearly suggests now and then on the table and says “How To”.Without assertiveness of Chefs team, the department or the company resembles soon a debating club.

Most supervisors bring this gift all by itself with.Only those who penetrated each other, a floor is higher.

Analytical and logical thinking

Analytical thinking has quickly to reckon with the ability to percentages in the head or high to solve complicated mathematical tasks to do very little.

Rather logicians have the ability to illuminate issues with the matching if-then formula.

This includes the gift, to recognize relationships to structure them properly and to sum up, as well as the ability to interpret them correctly and reasonable inferences drawn.

Therefore, many aptitude tests work with tricky text analysis tasks in which the candidates are to provide their analytical skills to the test.

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