“The early bird catches the worm” – well you roll with this spell annoyed with the eyes? Many people would like to get up earlier, then the work is finally done faster and you have more of Feierabend . So much for theory. In practice makes getting up early many people but no fun at all. Love Morgenmuffel: Today, we are creating your problem Remedy!

Why does getting so hard? Of owls and larks

To stay with the bird-metaphors, one speaks generally of two different types sleep: the owls and larks.Accordingly, the “owls” among us usually awake longer, can easily work up into the night and stay well into the evening still powerful. In the morning, however, getting up is difficult, mind and body a slow start and with good humor can also be expected rarely at dawn. The larks , however, literally jump out of bed in the morning and enjoy deeply relaxed at the first coffee the sunrise. Fit and rested they are in the morning, the first in the office. Their performance capabilities for but about noon or afternoon after and during the after-movie primetime already sleeping on the sofa.

No habit, but genetics: sleep-wake rhythm

Of course between these two extremes many mixed forms, but can be in every person recognize a trend.But if you now think that this is merely a matter of habit, you’re wrong enormously. Researchers at the University of Leicester found that our genetic makeup determines the individual optimal sleep-wake rhythm. So our genes that decide whether our bodies just do not want to be active and when. You can trick your body clock though, but the owls among you will be disappointed, unfortunately. Jump At 5.30 as fit and happy out of bed like a lark, you will probably never. But you are not alone: About 26 percent of Germans would be classified according to a published at Statista survey of morning muffles.

Despite flexitime, home office & Co Our business is rather to Lerchen aligned as on owls and then the latter have no choice but to adapt. As so despite genetic “internal Owl Watch” with getting work and how is it for you from day to day easier, we would like to tell you our tips and tricks:

1. Move the luck later

It is human nature to make the instantaneous happiness about the future. This means that the decision to turn off the pesky alarm clock to turn around and go back to sleep easily appear to you in the morning more important than the early closing time in the afternoon. The problem with this is that you will regret this decision again and again every day. therefore Visualize waking up your daily routine or schedule a fixed activities to knock off and force yourself to get up early characterized. Although it is annoying at first – the leisure gained will make it up again. And so you know the Sleeping on weekends or on holiday at least appreciate really back!

2. Motivation by anticipation

“Create a vision did makes you wanna jump out of bed in the morning” is an English proverb. Based on our first tip, so you should find a motivation that makes you wake up each morning with a bright smile and get up lightweight. Well, that sounds a little flowery. But it works: Whether it’s the shopping trip with your best friend after work, the Porsche, you want to buy in five years of your hard earned cash, or the sabbatical for which the exhausting overtime currently serve. All that falls suddenly much easier. Note, however, that the motivation is greater the closer your own objective is. Of course you can therefore find a combination of all these things. The main thing you feel when the alarm clock anticipation. Finally, this is the greatest joy and happy people generally need less sleep. Since getting up automatically easier.

3. welcome the morning with a smile

Even if you do not feel so happy, you can make a little trick: The Very first, you should do every morning is: smile! Just the movement of the mouth upward ensures namely for the distribution of numerous endorphins in the brain and prompt the onset of day affects more colorful.

4. “No” to snooze function

Almost everyone can now arouse from his smartphone and the snooze function enjoys thereby increasing popularity. Good old clock radio has largely become obsolete, said it was actually a lot nicer to be awakened in the morning by his favorite music as a monotonous, loud beeping. Just stay are again, two or three times – then it falls determines easier, after all I had then five, ten or 15 minutes more sleep. These or similar excuses you know certainly. Unfortunately, this is not as a rule. Through excessive “Snoozen” You are only carriers and also have much time to think. “Oh no, today is indeed the presentation on the agenda” or “Wow, that is again a long and exhausting day” are then thought that at morning muffles inevitably occur in the still sleepy consciousness. So try to avoid the snooze function and the morning reflection and leave it with her head. Swing with the first ring of the alarm clock out of bed and grab a coffee or jump into the shower – whichever is your morning routine. A practical tip for this is: leave your smartphone or your alarm simply the other side of the room. So you have to get up to turn off anyway.Until you then the unloved daily tasks or even your actual fatigue notice at all, you are almost already out the door.

5. Learn to use the blue light

Sleep researchers at the University Hospital Basel were able to find out that the blue light of the built-in modern laptops, smartphones or even TV sets LED lighting can affect our sleep-wake cycle. The competentphotoreceptors react namely on the blue light, thereby blocking the release of the sleep hormone melatonin . This knowledge can now be used in two ways for themselves: the one hand, you can be tired more quickly by avoiding the blue LED light in the evening, by going to bed earlier and be rested the next morning. On the other hand, you can be better monitored in the morning by a little work with your smartphone. Many people swear by them, after they have turned off the alarm clock on her smartphone to check a little their Facebook Timeline to answer WhatsApp messages or to play a quick round of their favorite games. Try it as an alternative to Snoozen from your phone you have to turn off the alarm clock already in hand.

6. Speaking clock radio …

Do not want to return to the old-fashioned alarm clock, despite elimination of the snooze function, we still recommend that you turn on your favorite music after waking up and so loud untwist as is practicable to a new house and neighbors. Select this course driving beats and energetic songs that inspire to sing, dance or simply laugh . What a great start to the day!

7. The classic cold shower

According sing neck You can of course also during your morning shower. And as uncomfortable as it may sound: The classic cold shower brings your circulation optimally unwind and you promptly topfit. Of course, you do not have to face ten minutes under the icy water jet. Run as a new morning ritual exchange shower and we promise you: By the time it gets easier!

8. Find your individual sleep patterns

Some people are after six hours of sleep in top shape, others need eight and still others like slumber certainly times ten hours straight. The time can this make a big difference. So is sleep before midnight is known the most relaxing and at the latest when the morning the first sunrays shining through the blinds, it’s over with the deep dreamless state. So if you wake up every morning absolutely whacked, you try it again with a different sleep pattern, because then you are probably torn each morning of your alarm clock directly from a deep sleep. But you know, theoretical study on taste, so go easy times an hour or two to bed earlier and sleep longer or shorter trial basis. Once you have found your optimal sleep time and duration, you will be much easier to get up. As practical support you can also an app (eg Sleep Cycle forAndroid and iOS or Gentle Alarm for iOS , both kostenplichtig) use which your light and deep sleep phases analyzed and in this best moment particularly gently awakens within a predetermined time period that you.

9. The early bird gets the worm

The still fresh, unused morning air has a special charm. Therefore Breathe after getting on the balcony, the terrace or enjoy a short walk in and out deeply and enjoy the beauty of the early hour. Depending on the season your new goal could indeed be: Every morning at a coffee first sunrise of fresh air to enjoy.Such rituals and a fixed daily structure help your internal clock with orientation. Quite so inflexible it is in fact not!

10. Sport in the morning grief and sorrow

The most motivated people among you can plug into a short jog to the transition into the fresh air of course. But even small stretching exercises or yoga can do wonders in the morning. Try it, for example, even with the sun salutation.

Do you have it only once managed to get out of bed, you can save the practical Lifehacks from the following video the morning really a lot of time, so that the early start has really paid off. Now it’s your turn, love owls: What are your personal tips and rituals for a perfect morning?