10 Tricks for more success

10 Tricks for more success: To become a high flyer

Success is a word that can be defined in many ways. What does success mean to you? A brilliant career? A six-figure annual salary? A leader? to be self-employed? Whichever your professional goals are: We now have the best 10 tricks for more success and make a real high flyer.

As high-flyer to be more successful in their professional lives

Would you describe yourself as self-flyer? Under a high-flyer those people are to understand who manage to achieve their own goals – and seemingly effortless. While colleagues fall more and more hectic, the deadlines for their projects exceed fail to complex tasks or completely drained and the burnout drag close to the finish line, the high-flyer master whenever they asked challenging problems and raise career technically almost from. In English, these employees are also called “Peak Performer” or “Super Achiever” titled. They are not (yet) about this? Then the time of envy to the high content, the responsible position or professional recognition is finally over. With our 10 tricks lift now from itself and become a true high-flyer:

Trick 1: Every road to success has a clear objective

Although one tends to say “The journey is the reward” , but you must be at the beginning of your“success path” clearly be about your goals. This first step should be repeated at regular intervals, after goals can change, you can have already achieved and need simply new or they are brought into unattainable distance. Ask a result, they:

  • for me really “success” What’s?
  • Which professional achievements I want recorded?
  • How can I achieve these goals?
  • What intermediate steps are necessary for this purpose?
  • In which sub-goals can divide the main objectives?
  • What is my first step on the way to this goal?

In addition Please make sure that your goals always remain realistic. Otherwise, you will sooner or later give up in frustration. Although the large overall goal should still be distant: Always keep an eye on the next via point. This should unterfordern neither too difficult nor too. Now you know your way and can the right direction to take. Do not hesitate any longer!

Trick 2: Success has its limits

However, you also need to know your personal limits. Determine your physical, financial and moral limits and keep it absolutely any time. If you are clear about how much success you may cost. Otherwise, you are at the end of your life may be rich, but lonely and four times divorced. Or you have the feeling that they have missed the “life” so busy. If you do not know your limits, will be with you at some point in your a sense of remorse Set career – and this is one of the worst feelings for a man. Always remember: Time is the most valuable commodity on earth. Bring your professional therefore necessarily also with your private goals and can learn to set limits and if necessary, even “No” to say .

Trick 3: Do not be put of your idols under pressure

to have idols are normal and can be good motivation as well. However, many people of their models to be put under pressure. Remember: Every person is different and so no life like the other. It will not always be possible, to achieve the same as your idol. The compulsive try this, the faster you will fail. Rely instead on yourself. Follow your own goals, your individual happiness and your own personal path to success. Frequently play here namely happiness, random encounters or hidden talents a supporting role. Be eager to see where you land at the end – maybe it will be so much higher than your idol? but maybe it’s just “different” and suits you as a person much better.

Trick 4: Tranquil

Instead of chasing too high aims or the success of a model, you need instead more composure. In the article ” Just relax: 5 tips for more composure in the job ” We have already explained why it left a lot better than working under stress . If you want to reach your long-term career goals, you need namely remain fit, healthy and efficient. Do not you know that? The harder you approach an object, the more likely you will fail and the more exhausted you feel afterwards? See your goals but left so you exude more confidence from, are open to the unexpected and exciting twists of life and are ultimately successful, healthier and happier.

Trick 5: No hurry! Let sufficient time

Start today with your first step on the new path to success, but do not expect quick results. Any change will take time. Have therefore patience and plan for your goals always a realistic interval. Keep in mind: . Every little task through to major life goal, it takes longer than you thought at the beginning of this reason, plan both your to-do lists for the next day and writing down your short, medium and long-term goals a corresponding buffer times. To reduce your stress level, not fall into the hustle and (cf.. Trick 4) can get more relaxed at work and on the road to success.

Trick 6: The early bird catches the worm

Yes, somehow it is a quote that we all hate. It infected (unfortunately) much truth in it. Wake up early and go to complex problems and challenges of the morning. Assuming you have enough sleep, you are following the successful recovery phase – like using a strong coffee -. Namely most efficiently , so start first in the morning with the most important and difficult tasks and pushing less important activities in the afternoon. This does not have a another important advantage: If you have already completed part of the “difficult” your work, you work in the afternoon motivated, productive, without time pressure and – there it is again – calmly.

Trick 7: concentration instead Multitasking

Many people think they can work more effectively if it is equal to tackle several things at once. But that is an absolute fallacy: The more concentrated you are working on a task, the faster and better you can complete this. Therefore Pack a point on your to-do list after another and focus on it. Done? Then put a check and switch quickly. So you are at the end of the workday more productive than multi-tasking and also feel less stressed.

Trick 8: Make yourself constantly – with your “career”

See your success as your personal small business. Even as employees / r They are therefore virtually autonomously. The times in which you sign the contract of indefinite duration and then have to drift are long gone. Plan your career actively, be also a job change or a patchwork CV ready and do not be afraid of new challenges. So take your success into your own hands and no longer passively wait to be sometime still promoted or get a raise. So you need to build a network, visit training, take advantage of opportunities, market developments and competition in view hold many more Sounds exhausting? Nobody said it was easy to be an overachiever!

Trick 9: Do not forget the private life

Nevertheless: In all of the career planning and the pursuit of success, you may your work-life balance does not lose sight of. Make sure that you get enough compensation for your work and that non-working hours are really such. Not otherwise remains sometime only your luck on the track, but also your health.Only in a balanced environment between work, family and friends, you can develop yourself and your skills best. Turn after office hours, on weekends and on holidays sakes – in the truest sense of the word: Let also the company mobile phone is switched off and the laptop. You can then go with fresh energy and new ideas back to work.

Trick 10: Making the “calling” to the profession

Really good and successful you will only be in your profession but if you can relate to it. Anyone who sees meaning in his work, having fun in it and an internal “appeal” follows, good results will deliver. This love and motivation for own activity causes you namely to peak performance, and to charge it without you excessively (mentally). Who loves what he does, so will not only healthy and happy, but is also usually very successful. So you see: Pure success should never be the only objective in your life. Rather, it is a positive by-product of a self-determined and fulfilled life.

However, a study by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg found that professional success does not make the so-called “high-flyer” necessarily happier. The problem: success can be addictive, directly on an object follows the next and take no more time to really enjoy the achievements. In addition, we live in a society in which we have learned to always compare ourselves to others. They must therefore be able to perceive your achievements objectively and enjoy. Stop to look right and left. This means you can look forward about your higher level, even if the colleague XXX deserves 200 euro more, or over the score of 1.7 in the test, even if your fellow student has a 1.3. To be not only successful, but also happier.