10 unique characters that you're looking for a job for a long timeEveryone knows him, this frustration in finding a job which is established after some time. Countless cover letter are sent and almost as many refusals came back when they came for. Since you can only be so frustrated.


But do not worry, you’re not alone . If you look at ask around, you realize that there many other graduates also goes so .
And you can see some clear signs that show that one is clearly far too long for a job. 10 of which I have gathered together here. What have you noticed? Commenter simply this Post! I’m sure I have not listed all the characters 😉

Ten unique characters that you’re looking for a job for a long time

  1. You realize on job portals instantly jobs that repeatedly re-tendered are
  2. You say to your friends: “I would do anything. I would even go wait tables again “
  3. You apply for jobs, for which you obviously overqualified are
  4. You believe that unpaid internships and traineeships your only chanceare
  5. For jobs that exactly suit you, you no longer are applying for , because you assume that there must be a catch.
  6. Your daily organization and weekly planning based on your job search rhythm
  7. You you looking forward from a knuckle when a new job is on a portal that you do not know yet
  8. You’ve been an answer to the question “And what are you doing now so?” Prepared , you can reel off
  9. The first thing on the morning doing is your mails on Job Alerts to check
  10. You spend more time on job portals as on Facebook (!)looking for a job

Do you recognize yourself again? As you can see, it’s all the same somehow. But fortunately this phase passes again at all. Really! (From my experience I have done a post about how this successfully is time finding a job )



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