The 5 biggest motivation killer of all time

The 5 biggest motivation killer of all time

The 5 biggest motivation killer of all time
Already A careless phrase can each stifle motivation in the bud . A Bureau of resignation radiates. A chairman who speaks the whole industry in the sinking. A development chief who has given up hope.Career Bible shows – some examples from history – how to kill motivation. The 5 biggest motivation killer of all time …

Motivation brake: Please rest!

Children are reprimanded earlier like so:

  • You can not
  • Do not touch it
  • Speech only when you are asked

Later in professional life, we went may continue with:

  • Of which you know nothing
  • Leave it to an expert
  • This is never what

Paff, real motivation killer . So why even more effort? Why waste valuable energy?

Now the general social pedagogy in the meantime has turned into its opposite extreme ( “You can do anything if you wish! Really ALLLESSS …”), which also seems unwise. Nevertheless important if you look not prove motivation killer wants: others feel brave, thinking over long periods and keep the big picture.

So what the five men – have not done, as they have given their reckless forecast – despite great achievements. The biggest motivation killer of all time …

The 5 biggest motivation killer of all time

  1. I believe that it will give the world a demand for maybe five computers.

    The quotation is the former IBM CEO Thomas Watson attributed and dated to 1943. From today’s perspective, a bad joke . Computers are now available on every street corner. And although the PC market is shrinking, were alone Germany to Gartner calculations still in the first quarter 2016 more than 2.5 million personal computers sold – ie a little more than five.Whether Watson has this sentence but really said so, is controversial today. That he was no fool, proves another quote from him: “If you want to succeed, you need your double error rate .”

  2. Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?

    Harry Warner’s famous phrase, to the film producer should have released in the 1920s. At the time we are in the silent film era, Charlie Chaplin is a superstar. His slapstick come completely without verbal fireworks. Few years later, but the start era of sound film , since you can Warners turn imprudent question: “Who the hell wants to see an actor without sound” That there but a few are still, demonstrated again until 2011, the Oscar-winning Almost silent film ” The Artist ‘…

  3. Everything that can be invented has already been invented.

    Charles Duell was Commissioner of the US Patent Office. On it goes one of the most famous – and most quoted – false predictions of all time back. “Everything that can be invented has already been invented.” Especially for a man of the innovation business is a strange statement. Perhaps he had then leave, in 1899, blinded, by the significant inventions that had preceded his prophecy: bulb, Damptfturbine, film camera, X-ray machine, radio. And of course right, he did not keep. After all, 15 of the 100 most important inventions in human history are – so the collection of GEO magazine – was invented by 1899th Among the TV, the computer, pacemakers, solar cell, laser and 3-D printers. Whether duel sentence actually said so, by the way also highly controversial. Law professor Dennis Crouch has researched and concludes that a satire magazine the award began in 1899 in rather ironic intention in the world. But Crouch simultaneously refers to the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, which says: “What has happened will happen again. What you have done, you will do it again. There is nothing new under the sun. “

  4. I would close down Apple.

    The fleet award from Michael Dell was in truth no motivation killer, but a vitamin-rich motivational boost – but for the competition. Dell said at a conference in front of thousands IT managers with rival Apple: “What would I do? I would make it tight and give the money back to the shareholders. “That was in 1997, when it was really bad Apple. What followed is part of the story: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple as a global icon. A similar miscalculation underwentSteve Ballmer in 2007 , the then CEO of Microsoft said of the brand new iPhone. “There is a chance that the iPhone could win any major market share. Completely excluded. “In two to three percent estimated Ballmer Mart potential of the new miracle device.

  5. The German team will be unbeatable for years

    Just in time for EM-off may also famous quip of the emperor not missing. “I believe that the German team will not for years his defeat,” said Beckenbauer at the press conference after the World Cup victory in 1990. “I’m sorry for the rest of the world.” He was referring to the high level of German football, and the extra boost from the reunification. Also incorrect, arrogant prediction that would prove to be in fact as motivation brake. The spoiled by success, saturated German football then missed the modernization, fell in the following years back continues until the valley was reached around the turn of the millennium.