5 Strategies for a good introduction to the job

5 Strategies for a good introduction to the job

Companies, but also for new employees to contribute to setting the course for a trusting and long-term cooperation even before the commencement of employment or on the first day.Nevertheless, as some go wrong.

Done – after countless applications and a number of discussions between the new employer is now firmly at last. All formalities have been completed, the first working day is imminent, then it can go so go! … Or?

The first working day

Monday morning, 9 am, the first work day begins. The new employee, Mr. Miller is because time and logs in to his boss, Mr. Schulze. This it falls upon the face of the “new” scales from your eyes: first Mr Müller’s working! A desk and chair are there, but what about the rest of the workplace equipment? Where is the phone, the PC, all other items? To forget! He also wanted to give the colleagues know when finally support team comes. Also he has sweaty. In addition, Mr. Schulze has equal an important date, which is not displaced. Who should only take care of?

Colleagues will judge it already

Now it is the way it is. The new employee is there, perfect chaos. Does not make good impression. Mr. Müller is there waiting. Now Mr. Schulze has an idea. He sees his employee Mr Fischer, who runs straight to his office over, asks him to be, and introduces the new colleagues. He explained the situation and asked Mr Fischer to take up his new colleagues. But first he must see to it that Mr. Müller receives a complete workstation and then “just once show what” . Then Mr. Schulze disappears in an appointment.

Good day despite initial obstacles

Since you are now, of Mr. Miller and Mr. Fischer and look at each other. Mr. Fischer takes his new colleagues to the office to the other, introduces him and asks for their help. At the end of the day, Mr. Müller has all thanks to the dedication of his new colleagues what he needs. The first day is now done, but what about tomorrow? His new boss has no longer get Mr. Miller on this day to face. What should he deal tomorrow? What about the job description and the objectives to be achieved? All these questions deal with the manager. This he would like to discuss with Mr. Schulze.

Restart complacent?

As described, it must not run on the first day. Ok, we rewind time back to the beginning, or even a little further back. To be well prepared for the first day, our Mr. Miller can observe a lot and become active.

Questions for the interview:

Already in preparing for the interview , Mr. Müller may worry about the new job. He expressed an interest and shows that he has dealt with the activity and the company. So he could ask what expectations and goals are imposed on the position? Or it may be explained how the job looks exactly (where it has not yet been described). What about a mentor or mentor who accompanies him as a new employee, supported and incorporated?

Report In the week before work starts again with the new boss or the HR department:

With the active contact Mr. Müller prefetches again to mind. If you are not already taken all occasions for the workplace, so you could now start at the latest. Then it’s Mr. Miller certainly not as in the situation described above. Optionally, another question has also revealed that Mr. Miller would like to ask before the start.

concretely on the first day to prepare:

Mr. Miller should consider now how he would like to represent and reflect on his skills again.Overconfidence image is as inappropriate as too much restraint. It certainly not only the clothing plays a role, but also the personal setting and what Mr. Miller would like to give about themselves.

mentally prepare on a good or not so good start:

Mr. Miller could play by mentally before starting the first day of the new jobs. Here the dream start could be there, but also the possibility will be considered that not everything runs smoothly. Thus, Mr. Müller is a potential disappointment – as described as above – be counteracted at least mentally.

For the first day:

Is it applicable, it is then “Get started” . With the prepared questions and the profile Herr Müller can imagine active after the first contacts with the colleagues. If this is not already provided by the company’s disposal, now is the opportunity for Mr. Smith to business-related information (company agreements, organization charts, etc.) to ask. Even now the right time for him to specifically ask for a practice schedule and his godfather.

To get started, then “an issue” (here it is worth pausing to ask what has gone down well) and the first 100 days in the company are a no brainer.

What the company can do for a good start

Create a checklist:

To be well prepared for the first day of an employee / a worker, it is advisable to create for enterprises a checklist. This contains important clues about what it must be done before the new employee / new employee comes to the office. This includes everything around the physical work, but also content issues (this see also below).

The colleague informed in good time:

Are the colleagues already notified in advance about when the new colleague / the new colleague comes, the executive showing in advance appreciation for the new employee / new employee. Colleagues know so well, when finally comes gain.

Company information itemizing:

An organization chart and other important information about the company (eg company agreements) are important documents that should be on the first day of freshman. He / she will receive orientation and can read already in the main formal subjects.

Create a training plan:

In order for the new employee / new employee already knows of his / her first day, making him / her expected in the coming weeks and months, is recommended a training plan. Here the activities including objectives is committed. This employee / employee and executives have a roadmap, through which they can be exchanged regularly.

ask godparents to:

Has the new colleague / the new colleague a mentor who / she takes him to his side for the first time, the entry will be easier. He / she will therefore certainly faster in the corporate structure and the corporate culture rightly. The / The re a newcomer / newcomers is furthermore optionally also grateful for joint activities or tips for leisure.

launch event

Coming at the same time, several new employees / staff on board, so it pays for companies to reconsider whether a joint launch event can be useful. This does not replace the personal acquaintance and familiarity make with colleagues, but it can facilitate conceivable when it comes to organizational issues or perhaps a management.