Guide. 300 candidates for a post: Now it is time to create the perfect blast-entry in the cover letter. But that is not so easy.

A report by Britta Kiwit, co-founder of .

Be honest: Every one of us has ever sent a listless mass application. Result? Most sobering and very successful. One reason is that the recruiters are tired every day to read the same sentences strung together. With these five tips we can make it better in the future:

1. The standard phrase “… with great interest” avoid …

Dear Sirs, with great interest that I just discovered your vacancy. ” And already the first 14 words squandered in order to stand out from the crowd. Somehow the sentence is unnecessary: if you have no interest in the site, the application would be pointless.

Note : The cover letter is the first thing that sees the recruiters usually. All the fun of the start, the sooner you stays in your head.

2. … just like “I hereby apply to you”

Yeah, what else? Spontaneously we think of a unwichtigerer sentence is to be avoided. In many applications you will find this entry yet.

Thus if  not a superfluous entry that contains irrelevant information and Gesülze and palaver. This includes: the word “promote”, information about the time and place where they discovered the invitation to tender, concoctions about yourself and flattery, which can come from any retort.

3. Dear establish relationship between personality and requirement

Whether sites in the sales area or in the IT department: In all procurement requirements are defined for the site, the ideal for are to be taken up with directly in the first sentence and “occupied” with their own experience.

Example of leadership in marketing: ” In the last two years I have witnessed from the ground up, the challenges it needs to be overcome in establishing a structured and efficient marketing department, which is why I am eager to also make this knowledge with you.

But Attention : Nothing is less credible than a bare string of personal skills ( “communication skills, teamwork and responsibility I take course with. “)

4. reflect on current campaigns

A very good POSSIBILITY OF make clear right at the beginning that it is not a mass application, is the reference to a current development or idea of the company, from which you have heard. “When I morning heard today by the Süddeutsche Zeitung that her Your project, Global Health ‘throughout Germany expands, I have my home Cologne discovered as a new location -. and of course, immediately turn made me to write to you these lines ” 

But the social media channels are very useful to learn something about the company and to find the right tone: ” Every day I follow your Facebook timeline and need every time to smile, how crafty you are dealing with your fans and how exactly constitutes me in a good mood. “Importantly, if a little time is invested, it is surprisingly easy to find something in the company, what excites one or fascinated – regardless of size and reputation of the company.

5. yourself not take it too seriously

Last but not least, a seriously intentioned advice: Nobody is perfect! And that is no different in the perfect job. Often it is in fact precisely this lack of authenticity and the tense urge each word to write perfectly, which make the application letter sound wooden and artificial.

Also, the first sentence should therefore not be to formulate stilted. Why not just write as if a little particularly like : “What to you so intrigued me, is your kind of customer communication. I think it’s awesome, as you can you take yourself to the arm and still super professional work from the outside. “

Or:  “Whenever I am on your website, I feel transported back to the time when I myself still belonged to the target group and I still wish today that it had then been given to you.” Or the like. Anything is better than to use an entry, the so many others use them.

Conclusion: Stay away from phrases and chatter

As a small summary, we maintain:

  • Avoid superfluous information: “I hereby apply”, “my name is”, “with great interest” …
  • take your time and look for more interesting information about the company and link sent with personal competence
  • Quality rather than quantity – 100 out clever standard applications can bring as much as three really good