The entertainment and media industry have witnessed a phenomenal growth in last few years and it has resulted into a fair demand for music and allied professionals. Whenever we think of music as a career the only professions come to our mind are singing and lyricist. Whereas there are many other direct or allied promising career paths in the field of music. So I have gathered information on five such unconventional but fascinating careers options. Let’s learn what you would be doing if you choose one of these options.

5 Unconventional But Fascinating Career Options in Music

1) If you are a music/sound Engineer:

  • Your job starts inside the recording studio.
  • You work on audio board when the vocalist and other instrumentalists perform.
  • You help the performer with technical assistance to get best possible sound.
  • You work after the recording also to manipulate the sound for the best piece.

2) If you are a music producer

  • You control the direction of an audio recording.
  • You ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.
  • You closely work with musicians, vocalists and sound engineers.

3) If you are a Music Journalist

  • You love music as much as journalism.
  • You write reviews on albums, concerts, record labels, shows and performances.
  • You are well informed about the music industry and write unbiased opinions.
  • You are considered to be an opinion leader in the industry.

4) If you are a Music Promoter

  • You are in charge of “putting on” the shows.
  • You negotiate a deal with the band for the show.
  • You promote the upcoming gig using various media channels.
  • You make sure that everything the band needs is in place.

5) If you are a Disk Jockey (DJ)

  • You are enthusiastic, creative, personable, outgoing and pleasant.
  • You have ability to choose music that suits your audience’s taste.
  • You create your own sounds by manipulating beats, using samples, adding extra music and sound effects.
  • You have charisma to keep your audience captivated with live performances also.
  • You can be a club or radio DJ.

Therefore individuals, who understand industry requirements and can deliver to the expectations, have ample of career options in Music. Still it is being suggested to have a professional education and guidance to excel in career.