Ade permanent contract – Hello patchwork career

Ade permanent contract – Hello patchwork career

The patchwork career is still a very new concept in the labor market, yet few people can do something with. But that will change soon, because the patchwork career is loud many experts the future model for German workers. But what is hiding behind the fact Germanized word and how you can use the model optimally for a career boost? We tell you …


Competence and knowledge rather than routine

Currently, there is the world of work in a transformation: During ten or 20 years ago worked many workers for many years, often even to the pension in a single company, are frequent job changes, the so-called job hopping , now and in the future more and more the rule.

The corporate loyalty becomes less important, instead, knowledge and unique expertise are in demand. The staff in the coming years be creative, mature, autonomous and self-determined plan their careers, so Peter Kern, director of the Fraunhofer Institute.

Thus were patchwork careers soon an integral part of the working world.

“To be able to reorient professional, the individual will always have to go through different phases.These are stages of fueling of competence and knowledge “, leading core of his thesis.

How does the world of work?

Our fathers and grandfathers lived according core earlier mainly from “stock knowledge” . What is learned in the training or studies was sufficient to obtain a permanent position in the large-scale industry. They remained there for life, in the spirit of “learning by doing” .

Of course, there were some already large sector differences, but the concept of “industry officials” really does not seem to be working today.Further education and training are essential for a career, changing jobs nothing out of the ordinary and eight percent of Germans also have at least a part-time job.


The reasons for this change in the labor market structure are mainly in the increasing globalization, digitization and flexible working world. Simply new demands are placed on the workers. The values will change.

The structural change in society also affects the employment and career patterns in the western labor market: The career cycles, so the residence time in a company, are reduced and the working hours . Be flexible term employment contracts , working-life accounts or job sharing are some of the new models that lead to the traditional open-ended full-time positions will be gradually abolished.

Soon less work for which was characterized “stupid” on the market, so core provocative. Who does not information and knowledge regularly through training, training or professional reorientation extended, will only have on the labor market soon bad cards.

What is now actually a patchwork career?

Many experts therefore see the so-called patchwork career as a model of choice when it comes to a successful future for German workers. namely it encompasses as two important components:

  1. Extension of competence within a company and
  2. Corporate change to (inter) national level.

Defines the patchwork career as a plurality of single career steps, which yield as large a unified whole career pattern. It can not be assumed that only a professional stage. Instead, breaks, change of profession, enterprise and job hopping in your resume more and more normal.

A patchwork career is not continuous, it has ups and downs, covers various fields of activity, sideline and regular reorientation, also in other sectors – but she has always a common thread. They no longer go through in your work life simply only a career, but several, which build on each other and are joined together as a patchwork like a carpet.

Which sectors are affected by the changes the most?

The development, away from the continuity and toward patchwork career, can be indeed observed comprehensively, but is observed primarily in international companies in heavy industry and in creative industries, communication and media world.

SMEs, however, especially the nationally oriented, seem to the trend so far to oppose something more. For executives will still set here increases on internal staff with a long career within the company. The reasons for this lie in the accurate knowledge of the company and its internal processes.

But here the experts expect little by the same changes. Why? Because the flexibility of the labor market, as it is accompanied by the patchwork career, long term is an important foundation for the success of the German economy in a globalized world.

Who can no longer react so flexibly to economic fluctuations, is soon to international companies no longer be competitive. This applies not only for the company but also for the employees.

Finally, an increasing number of multinational professionals come in the wake of a foreign jobs or for an international career in Germany. To hold its own, so you have to keep up …

Advantages of patchwork career

Many workers see the patchwork career once as a bad development. Finally, it provides less security than the indefinite employment contract and is more complex and more demanding due to the regular training and re-orientation. However, the new model brings at second glance numerous advantages, both for the economy and the workforce:

1. variety and promotion

Can you really imagine 20, 25 or even 30 years, a and to exercise the same profession? Without change?Hardly likely. Because people need changes in his life in order not to sink permanently in boredom. This can even be the health burden: The so-called Boreout leads as often to depression as an overload. However Boreout can not only occur because an employee has too little work, but also by a lower demand due to excess routine. Sooner or later, most employers therefore yearn for a change and then, times call for their brainpower back a little. By patchwork career, the (professional) life exciting and you can get all your talents and equally encourage regular. True to the motto “Be the best you can be” .

2. More know-how in business and management level

Also in the upper echelons manage so no pure “nerds” more how in German saying goes.

On the contrary: A modern patchwork career first follows a horizontal path before it vertically the ladder going up.There is no pure management careers more.

On the contrary: Only those who have extensive know-how, has a chance to take the lead floor. To benefit the company, but also the staff of well-trained and experienced executives with a time current know-how and a higher adaptability and usability.

An advantage, which incidentally can produce tangible results not only in the boardroom, but also with any other staff up to the interns. Thus arises within the company by the modern, mature employees, and the ever-changing input by staff changes in the team that is also a completely new interaction.

3. Family friendliness

There is a basic problem of the western economy: By marry women in particular often can not rise into the senior ranks. They are still to be faced with the decision: ? Child or career thanks to the patchwork career could be here finally a change emerge.

Breakthroughs and new directions in the resume become better accepted, the role of an employee as an individual, self-determined and of responsible employee comes to the fore and the work-life balance becomes more important.

As a mother, or a father, you no longer must therefore choose only between the career in this one company or your family.

On the contrary : you can bring the individual options in accordance, coordinated; emphasize the positive aspects of this stage of life and so educate to a more qualified labor force. Yes, the fractures or breaks by the founding family.

The new flexibility is therefore a great advantage in terms of family friendliness German employers. Alternative forms of employment are becoming the norm, even part-time work for managers has already been approved in some establishments.

The careers of men and women must therefore no longer be seen only as individual factors, but will soon be designed for the purposes of patchwork career as a Community career. Currently this is indeed an ideal, but who knows how long …

How are you going to Patchworker?

If you already opt for the patchwork career, you are your competition already ahead of a big step. Then you understand what is important in the labor market of the future and how to plan a career in a targeted and self-determined, even in these uncertain times of flexibility, mobility and globalization.

While many HR candidates with patchwork biography still eyeing very suspicious, are increasingly recognizing the value of these personalities, namely know-how, creativity, adaptability and self-confidence .

By switching between companies, industries and functional areas Patchworker usually have much fuller knowledge than the classical “industry officials” . In addition, a constant willingness to learn, a high degree of motivation and often also a well-trained emotional intelligence .

Plan The patchwork career

Note that even a patchwork career will be carefully planned. She does not signify arbitrary to accept a job after another. Instead, a common thread that acquired skills must match and you need goals, short, medium and long term.

It’s about your (professional) to take life into their own hands and to go to your individual way, which you have to show later in the company extensive and especially unique references and knowledge. A mix up, which seek the HR at the other candidates in vain. If this thread your patchwork career, the resulting benefits and your personal goals in the application and personal interview may convey credible, you have a bright professional future.

Shaping patchwork CV correctly

Recently we have therefore important tips and tricks for how to bring even your patchwork CV into shape:

  • Go honest and confident about your career.
  • Working out the red thread and illustrate it graphically content and creative in your application (such as a timeline of acquired skills).
  • What experiences and skills were systematically learned, intensifying and expanding? As?
  • Communicate clearly, which is the resulting added value for the company.
  • What are your unique skills?
  • Insert the individual stations not necessarily in chronological order but sent useful together to obtain a still unified and coherent picture. These are your personal professional mosaic.
  • Work out how you might influence your new workplace positive: What do you bring? What would be your contribution? What are the benefits of your employer?
  • Form the skills which your “red thread” account, specifically from. To be used, for example, periods of unemployment optimal for training or education.

Foreign languages ? Social skills? Computer knowledge? Whatever your unique qualifications are: The patchwork careers you can develop optimally.

Take this chance, you are a pioneer in the modern world of work and prove stamina: If you once go against the tide and actively plan your career, you will benefit and remain on both the horizontal and vertical career phase of patchwork biography even after many years a popular expert on the (inter) national labor market.

What do you think: patchwork career, yes or no?