For making a perfect resume, there is no need to follow strictly one particular rule. It need not be a page or just have to fill a traditional format. A resume is an advertisement and nothing more or nothing less. The same is true about an administration resume too, here we provide you some administration resume samples.

With little extra effort we can make the resume stand apart among the many of the normal or traditional one. The resume of administration is as good as the resume for HRD. It is due to a simple understanding that in administration or HRD field the quantification of facts are just impossible unlike in the case of a marketing or financial area where the quantification of facts are the norms like improved the sales by more than 80% or reduced the cost of production from 100 million to 60 million etc. In administration or HRD we normally look for a person who can effectively fire fight and come up with a confidence. The area of actions is in general and we can say as jack of all trades. So in a way it is a field for any non technical person and naturally one will have a feeling that he or she can easily handle the situation in administration and HRD. By and large, the decision makers may be also having such a pre conceived ideas. So the ideal solution is to make some thing eye catching at the first instant itself.

Administration Resumes

Irrespective of the fact, whether a resume has painstakingly made with latest ideas or not it need to have the name and address at the top left hand corner with details of contacts. This most important aspect has to be in each page at top left hand corner, for the simple reason that for a busy HRD man who is scanning a piles of resumes at his table may some times struck with a point of interest at the second or third page of a particular candidate and in that case he need not go back to the first page to locate the address or telephone number but at the same page itself he can see the necessary details.

Immediately after the address field we have to present the objective of administration resume which is the single most important aspect. This objective heading is the one statement which lingers in the mind of the prospective employer the moment he picks up the resume till he finishes the scanning of all the resumes as well as his assignment of hiring completes. A simple objective heading “RESUME” will be having the lukewarm effect of keeping aside. Following can be some of the examples of administration resume objective


Such an objective headings shows that the person who is aspiring for a position in administration or in HRD means business and proves that he knows the basic function of what HRD or Administration means.

Administration Resumes

Having made the impression on the first instance itself it would be welcome relief to present the experience in the field. The best way is to show the latest experience first and then the next latest tills the first job. As far as possible it has to be quantified, quantified means how far the actions have helped the organisation to achieve the long term and short term goals. It has to be bear in mind that a HRD or Administration person’s first and foremost function is to implement the company policies with a human touch. Instead of claiming for the recruitment of certain number of persons within a period it would be better to present that recruiting certain number of persons with the appropriate skills at a certain period had helped the organisation to improve the sales more than the target or by placing certain select persons at the key points helped the organisation to maintain a very harmonious industrial relations which helped the production and productivity more than the double, likewise.

Immediately after presenting the experience, it would be nice to show the education. It is better to show from the secondary level till the final level. But here we can make an option, if one is a fresher then he/she has to start from the secondary level but for an experienced person the final qualification will suffice. If one is all through a toper by all means start from secondary level, if not it is advisable to present the final level.

Administration Resumes

The next head has to be the interest part, any healthy interest the person is having can be reflected. The achievements from the school level can be taken, like dramatics, hiking, and adventure sports.

Unless specifically asked for the details of reference need not be given. But it can be stated that the reference will be given on request.

As the last paragraph one can give any useful tips. It may like that the knowledge and acquaintance of any department or government agencies. For an Administration or HRD person such tips will be a valuable asset in terms of public relations.