Administration is a comprehensive management process of organizing resources efficiently for any task. It is a universal phenomenon, affecting every field. Contrary to beliefs, administration is not just segregating paper work, but seeing the completion of the entire process, right from the inception to the end of the process/ task. It is important to have a one track, focused resume that highlights your efficiency in administration and similar tasks that you have handled. It should also mention your flair for seeing a process completed.

A resume is the only document that will give an insight to your prospective employers about your skills, and job proficiency. For an administration assistant resume, you need to clearly highlight one thing- you`re exceptionally good at secretarial and managerial tasks. The important point to note here is that administration work is imperative to any sector and industry. Here, we provide you with an administrative assistant resume example.

Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

Administration Assistant Keywords:

  1. Administration experience
  2. Paper work
  3. Schedules
  4. Multi-tasking work
  5. Meetings
  6. Organizational skills

Characteristics of an Administration Assistant resume:

  • Target a specific opening
  • Emphasize your skills at paper and managerial work
  • Depict a skill for multi tasking

Administration Assistant Resume Format:
The way in which you display the information is extremely important. You could have done a lot of stints in various organizations spanning different fields, but you need to display it an order that is easy to understand. If the work is descriptive in nature that display it with bullets or get them numbered for easy reference. But, first of all start with a well written administrative assistant resume objective

Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

You can get started by mentioning your name, and other concerned factual details like your age, date of birth, and your full fledged contact details. After that, proceed to mention your academic qualifications in the ascending order. Once that is done, the most important part begins – lining up your work experience. Remember that your resume should focus on your key skills that bring out your expertise in the arena of administration assistance. You could have had a lot of experience in terms of different industries while still maintaining the same profile. This is because administration assistance is common to many a sector. If this is the case with you, then highlight the different sectors and then outline your designation, and your work profile. Here is how:

Insurance Industry

Designation: Asst. Administration Officer

Insurance Industry

Job Profile:

  1. Handling all secretarial work
  2. Maintaining official records
  3. Handling independent correspondence

Once you have outlined your work experience, state your expected Cost to Company (CTC) or remuneration. In case if you are willing to adjust in your salary, then mention «Negotiable» besides the figure you are expecting to draw at the new company.

Close the resume by mentioning your aim in life that brings out your ambition. Remember that this has to match with the kind of profile you are looking at and the job which you have already applied for. Sign your resume, stating the name of the place and date. Also mention a declaration that the information that is stated in the resume is to the best of your knowledge.