Job aspirants go through different kinds of traumas while searching for a suitable job. We can say, pre and post interview ordeal. After the interview, it’s a routine answer from the interviewer, ‘we will let you know’. From the candidate’s point of view, waiting for the result after a job interview is the most difficult part, now knowing what is the result, whether you got the job or not. How long you think you must wait for an answer after a job interview? One week, two weeks or one month.

Sometimes you won’t get any answer after the interview and you keep waiting like ages. And at other times you cannot predict the results even though you did well in the interview. You will be in dilemma whether to apply for another job or should wait some more time for the results? Is it necessary to have to wait so long?

After interview, what next? Send Mail to Recruiters to Know the Interview Result

All these doubts are quite common in the candidates. Experts are giving some suggestions about what to do if you don’t get the results in time.

Mail them: Don’t forget to take the address and email of the recruiters immediately after the interview. After a few days of the interview, write a letter to the email, purely related to the job only. There should not be more than two or three paragraphs, each having not more than three to four sentences. You should not forget the recruiters couldn’t spare more time to read the letters.

First paragraph: In the opening lines, you should say thanks to the recruiters and explain your interest towards the organization and the job. Also don’t forget to point your zeal to work for the organization.

Second paragraph: After that, you can explain in brief how your skills are useful for the organization. Avoid repetition of previous experiences that were mentioned in the resume. Each sentence should be simple and easily understandable. Don’t experiment with new words.

After interview, what next? Send Mail to Recruiters to Know the Interview Result

Third paragraph: After the interview, some of the candidates think that they fail to attract the recruiters 100 per cent. Such candidates can use the mail to explain his/her performance during the interview or give details of their prowess. You can mention here the incidence where the recruiters praised you, if any. You can also sum up any other points that you want to inform. But the important point is that whatever you want to tell, make it brief and to the point. Don’t exaggerate.

Writing letters: The experts are suggesting writing a letter in case if it is not possible to send mail to the recruiter. The letter must be apt with simple words and don’t forget, without any mistakes. You should write the letter so as to attract the attention of the recruiter.

Check before sending: Before sending the letter or mail, check the name, designation and other details of the addressee. There should not be mistakes in writing the designations and names of the persons to whom you are writing the letter. Check thoroughly for any spelling or grammatical mistakes or repetition of sentences or words.

After interview, what next? Send Mail to Recruiters to Know the Interview Result

Don’t call: Do not call the recruiter even though they have given the phone number along with the address. You should not forget to write your address and phone number in the letter.

In the present highly competitive world, most important rule is not to lose even a single chance in the process of entering into the career. Waiting for the recruiter to inform you or neglecting about the results of the interview or feeling tense will not yield good results. Experts opine that there are chances of getting call from the recruiters if you present yourself to them for the second time, through letter etc. But all these should be done not on the day immediately after the interview. Wait for at least one week. If still you don’t get any information from the company then please proceed with the suggestions, experts sum up.