After parental leave

After parental leave back to the company
Maternity leave in the United States


To make the return to work after parental leave for mothers and fathers as smooth as possible is a difficult but very important task for employers. Not only from parents perspective, also from a business perspective, it is worthwhile to deal with this issue in time.
Because when parents enter again early in the company, the cost of re-entry can be kept as low as possible. To support its employees on the way back to employment, companies offer a range of measures.

After parental leave back to the companyPreparation is half the battle

The process of re-entry does not start to work after parental leave.During the time-out arrangements can be made, making it easier for new parents to get back navigate in their professional lives.

Central is the disclosure of information. If the employees have access to internal information channels such as newsletters, intranet or a corporate magazine during parental leave, they stay up to date on current developments in the company and have to make up any lack of information during re-entry.

Some companies also offer networking meetings with other parents on parental leave to exchange information and experiences. Also important is the integration in-house events such as company parties or trips. So employees can also break during their contact with colleagues care and the sense of belonging to the company is maintained.

Continuing in the absence

Besides such more general measures companies can support their employees even more effectively, by offering them training. Both during and after parental leave can be as informed about new developments in the industry and existing knowledge to be refreshed.

Of course, such offers should be submitted on a voluntary basis and not create pressure with their parents. Votes can also be discussions with the direct supervisor, in which together support options and other career prospects are determined.

Assistance in child care

Of course, it goes in the planning of a successful re-entry after parental leave not only to the parents and their qualifications. Just as important, to take care of the young is. While there since August 1 of this year a law entitled to a nursery place for children over one year. But what happens when parents want to previously re-entering the profession or despite law claim is partout raise no place?

Again, companies can support their employees. For large companies, it may be worthwhile to set up their own day-care center, where the children of employees are cared for. However, not all employers have adequate capacity for such a project. One way is to open a day care center in cooperation with other smaller companies around. So both the costs and the administrative burden on more shoulders are distributed.

Cooperation with external service providers

Depending on the location and ownership, there are different funding opportunities öffentlichen hand, can rely on the company. Another way to support employees after parental leave in the care is to purchase reserved places in an existing Kita.

The company may reserve in this way quasi places for employees’ children who are taken on as required and otherwise may be other children available.

In collaboration with external partners, companies can also offer advice and mediation for childcare. The advantage of this solution is that each parent can be made to their situation tailored care services.

In all these models is that the parents pay a fee per child normally – as in public childcare facilities. However, companies have the opportunity to support their employees through a grant to these costs.

make provisions for emergencies

If the regular care of the children of employees ensures a large step has already been done. Now it is time to plan for emergencies. If the child is ill, the regular service fails or shortly pending overtime, it is often difficult for parents to spontaneously organize a care.

In cooperation with external providers can therefore employ childminders or-fathers who take care of in such emergencies to the children of employees.

A all employees accessible register of childminders, babysitters and other short-term care facilities in the area may already be very helpful. Another possibility is to allow employees to take their children to work.

This is of course possible only in exceptional circumstances and not at all workplaces. A similar solution, which is more comfortable for all concerned, is a parent-child office.In such a room with play area, parents can take care of outside of work to their children without the other colleagues are distracted from their work.

If your employer does not offer appropriate funding by itself, it can be worthwhile to ask! And to discuss support options. Because the mutual benefits are obvious. Or you will inform you in advance if your prospective employer is a family and what benefits he and those who want to be there, provides parents.

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