Application documents – full application file

Application documents – full application file

Why actually the whole effort, wonders of so many? The demands on a proper presentation of the application documents have certainly increased over the years and require the applicants from some.

Especially our neighbors to the cohorts 40 to 50 are often faced with a mountain of questions when it comes to have to apply again after many years of it. Even if it does not want to see quite so many, the proper and full presentation of the application documents is very important and definitely increased the chances of the chosen work. If you look at (like us) once the various types of application folders look, you quickly realize that each has its own character and already says at first glance, much about the person who has this Elaborated.

And that’s it! With your application documents you give the employer some of your person and your properties. He keeps it were your business card in the hands.

Even the smallest detail is information about whether and what thoughts has made the job. The employer is of course not tell if the final result of the application file has been created intentionally or through ignorance as it is. Decisive is only the first impression . And to be honest, it’s almost annoying when you consider how much work is behind it. As you sit down and tinker hours or even days on the perfect presentation of his application documents and the viewer decide within the first few minutes, if you get on the short list or not. But it is in fact in reality. Therefore it is important from the outset that every detail is perfect, so at the end of a “perfect” result comes about. The reader should feel the desire to want to get to know better!

What documents you expect from you?

Basically a complete application file is always sent and no short application ! However, there are also companies which initially require only a short application. Frequently, however, pointed out in the advertised position, so you do not need in this regard and investigate a priori always entitled to expect from a full wallet!

An application consists of the

  • Cover letter (including cover letter or application letter referred to) and a
  • curriculum vitae

Now for a complete application file, add the following documents Reference. these documents in your cover letter under assets (either short and simple “job application”, or by listing the individual items)

  • Cover sheet (not mandatory)
  • Bewerbungsfoto (date and by photographer)
  • Third page (not mandatory)
  • Resort Directory
  • Copies of certificates of qualifications achieved (z. B. school certificate, training certificate, work certificate )
  • Certificates of training, qualifications and possibly to add to prompt!
  • References, work samples, handwriting sample , criminal record check, among other things, etc.

Order the filing of documents

For the complete application file set the cover letter on top of the wallet. Beat the wallet and you begin to classify the documents as follows:

1. Cover sheet
. 2 CV
. 3 Third page
. 4 System directory
. 5 Investments (in time order)

The Bewerbungsfoto attach either the CV (top right or center, depending on the layout and design) or on the cover (also in the form of oriented and aligned).

Materials, shape and Shipping

It is sufficient if you for your application white, between 70g / m² and 80g / m² thick paper use.Applicants, however, which apply, for example, in the management area, from an annual salary of 30,000 euros, can also use higher-quality paper.

For the design , we recommend simple and discreet materials. Reaching Never too deep in the paint pots.Color is allowed, but in moderation! All the documents have to be neat and presentable packed. Since writing stores and online stores nowadays usually have a wide range of different packages / portfolios, the decision for the right choice at first glance as something difficult can make. Here we would like to remedy this by we point out that simple clamping portfolios do it well and also act neither exaggerated nor stingy. If you do not like this package, you do not have to choose between some other binding systems.

In the color selection is recommended blue, gray, white (neutral), but possibly also a dark red. Completely inappropriate are portfolios with bright colors or patterns printed. You can also choose between a lid of plastic wrap or views dense material (often imprinted with “application” provided) decide. Finally, the complete portfolios must now be plugged only into an envelope. To ensure that your application documents arrive and tidy and without kinks at the receiver, obtain best envelopes with cardboard back.Provide the envelope now even with the address details of the recipient and your own (ideally would address label), and a postage stamp. So you can be sure that the letter is sufficient postage, let him weigh directly at your post office and give your application in the delivery (normal mail, not registered mail or by personal delivery).

Checklist – check your complete application documents at your leisure:

  • Is the order of documents properly?
  • You have multiple systems, and therefore have a facility directory developed?
  • Are the plants listed in chronological and filed?
  • If the documents are generally plausible comprehensible, meaningful and throw any questions?
  • Are all systems / qualifications (certificates, professional qualifications qualifications, training certificates, job references, in independence (for example) the job description …) exist that prove or reinforce their suitability and qualification?
  • Beware diplomas or certificates (investments) of additional vocational qualifications on the spot to which you are applying?
  • Are any specified references safe and you can trust in this?
  • Have you thought of work samples (for example, in professions in the graphics area, a presentation folder with previous drafts)?
  • If you are applying for a leadership position, may exist positive reports / articles from magazines that were once published about you?
  • If the application portfolio in total (copies, packaging, …) in a good condition, with no wrinkles, cracks or stains?
  • Have you thought of a neat application screen on which you act friendly and personable?