Application documents – with or without installation directory?

Application documents – with or without installation directory?

A complete application portfolio includes significant investments, but that miss the desired impression as loosely enclosed Loseblattsammlung. But how to do it right?

Which plants are relevant in an application?

Opinions about this deal: Some think HR would depend not much attention to products, and are therefore not always wrong. Nevertheless diploma, training certificates or certificates of employment in most applications to well, but they offer a good source of information for HR decision-makers. They are known to read the codes very closely in the appropriate information and know how to interpret and subliminal messages.

The assortment of plants should analogous to resume done, so chronologically. Here the documents are in the foreground, which demonstrate the performance of a candidate impressive. These are so attached to one reason only: emphasize the positive image of the candidate.

Consequently, applicants should be limited to the really important documents that are seen as stages in life.

The closer these investments are related to the job for which someone has advertised, the better and more revealing, they are for the recruiters.

So who has made non-industry internships, the employer-to-be should not get bored with unimportant certificates. However, it should be no case to dispense with the high school diploma, no matter how good or bad it is. This also applies to other products: Poorer ratings may not be embezzled, because with gaps recruiters are often suspicious. Nevertheless, experts recommend settled solely diplomas for clarity.

This speaks for a schedule indicating when applying

For multiple installations, it is advisable to provide the auditor of the application documents a kind of navigation aid in the form of a system directory. In this case, the applicant should seek a clear design above all. Everything rises and falls with the order of the documents. Some candidates opt for a chronological order, starting with the most other products. Basically, the equipment must correspond exactly to the resume, because some HR experts read both parallel. With more than three plants an index of plants is recommended as a cover sheet.

How should the contents look like?

The cover sheet is numbered and carries legible (font size 12-14) all documents that accompany the application documents in copy. These should all have an A4 format and be printed on one side only. So has the greatest chance that they will arrive in full and in the order where they are read. On the cover is then available (please at least 2 lines write), for example:

[Arrow list]

  • Name of applicant
  • High School Diploma
  • training certificate
  • College Diploma
  • Internship certificate (s)
  • Arbeitszeugnis (s)
  • Certificate of training or education
  • possibly references (last boss, professor, principal, seminar leader)

[/ Arrow list]Existence, for example, systems such as certificates, drawn up as a German or English into another language, it is advisable to translate this or to translate. This also applies to foreign connection testimonials from schools or universities, which also should not be legalized.

If, however, a simple language certificate, it is usually sufficient if the applicant is a quick summary. This would show up on the system directory something like this: “certificate of participation of a Spanish course for advanced students in Valparaiso / Chile 2010” .

Who attaches only a few plants, it can alternatively be on the cover letter list at the end of the letter below, should they but enumerate also there for the recruiter keeps track.

E-mail applications with plants

In many cases, applications nowadays as emails submitted. The same documents are required as a post sent folder – ie also certificates and all other relevant systems should be there.

This summarizes the candidate most in a single PDF file, so that the recruiter has it easier when opening and printing. The PDF format ensures that the documents arrive as they look in the original, while a carefully crafted Word file after printing at worst looks like cabbage and turnips.

Professionally proceed applicants who create here a system directory, this as the most important document is scanning, all transported in a Word file and turn it into a PDF. The entire Annex should not comprise more than five megabytes, larger attachments are not so welcome.