Application and interview expenses: Who pays?

Application and interview expenses: Who pays?

The application and interview costs are an issue that always causes confusion. Is there a refund? And if so, when and in what amount? Who pays at all, the employment agency or the company? there is not a single answer to these questions, because they depend on the specific situation.

When does the employment agency?

A myth persists: The employment agency accepts application and interview expenses. That’s right, under certain conditions, but can not be allowed to be a flat rate claims. If someone as a job seeker is registered with the employment agency, so she grabs this candidate to some extent financially under the arms. For job seekers, for example, traveling expenses are covered for an interview when the reimbursement was requested well in advance and the inviting company has ruled out the reimbursement.

In addition, a contribution from the Agency to the costs of the application documents as a lump sum for application images, Porto, certifications or portfolios. How much is paid in each individual case depends mainly on the agency competent from. Accessible include five euros per written application, as long as the value of 300 euros per year is not exceeded. It is important that it is the case of reimbursement by Federal employment Agency to a Can-performance is, on which no legal entitlement.

Reimbursement by the inviting company

Before the reimbursement by the employment agency, that is by the inviting company. In principle, every applicant is entitled to reimbursement of the costs for the interview or assessment center traffic. It is advisable for the employer already set from the outset concrete values of sponsorship in order to avoid future disputes. Accessible are limits, for example, travel expenses up to the amount of a train ticket amount for residence of the applicant in the second category (back and forth). Usually, the values rise of reimbursement to the amount of the advertised position. The higher the position, the more likely also hotel and meal costs of the applicants will be accepted. This is usually considerably less applicants, but will be invited for an interview as when filling a simple position. A formulation example of a corresponding pre-arrangements would be as follows:

“Based on your specified in the application of residence, we take over the costs of your arrival to the interview to a level the cost of traveling by public transport of the second class. Any other presentation costs (eg hotel or meals) are not reimbursed. “


What does the law?

Indeed, there is a legal right of the applicant to the reimbursement of the required interview expenses. This principle is in the Civil Code in accordance with § 670 BGB valid. However, there are exceptional cases in which expires this claim:

  1. The employer has the candidate not explicitly invited or it was not asking for a personal meeting in space, this is true on both sides. There is therefore no payment is made for unaufgefordertem appearance.
  2. The pure publishing a job advertisement is not considered a recommendation or an invitation to a personal appearance of the applicant and does not involve any assumption of costs by itself.
  3. At the invitation by a headhunter this is not obligated to assume the costs. However, the company that leads the conversation.
  4. Flight costs have yet to be adopted, however, the amount of a ride second class to and from the respective residence of the applicant.
  5. Hotel and meal costs can only be reimbursed if they were absolutely necessary. This may result from the timing of the job interview or a multi-day application process.
  6. The employer has the right to exclude the assumption of any costs in the outset.
    All in all, the applicant has indeed a legal right to reimbursement, but many exceptions complicate the statement for the individual case. Therefore, it is always advisable to obtain information in the interview on the cost of acquisition. If the employer reimbursement in the invitation of the applicant excludes all or part of whose claim to the reimbursement expires. Exemplary formulations were “expenses will not be reimbursed” or “only train ticket 2nd class”. In addition, the employer is not obliged to accept any costs in exceptional magnitude. Legally binding are only the costs “in nötigem scope”. These are, for example, 30 cents per kilometer plus a meal allowances depending on duration, for example, six, twelve or 24 euros.


In an emergency, engages the tax deductibility

If there is no assumption of costs by the employer or an employment agency, so always remains the possibility of making the job application and interview expenses tax deductible as business expenses. The costs can be deducted if the tax return together with supporting documentation is submitted. The tax, which usually identifies numerous issues that may be only in the broadest sense associated with an application. This includes newspaper job, appropriate literature, application training, office supplies, telephone and online costs, postage, travel, accommodation and meals.