It goes without saying that a good architect should have an excellent imagination. If this imagination mixes with engineering principles in the appropriate manner then there is the birth of a master piece. However, it is easier said than done.

The resume is a communication of marketing. These days job hunting is not that easy because one can effectively do the personal marketing. So the indirect personal marketing for job one has to be in possession of a resume which stands out. Here we provide you a free architect resume.

Architect Sample Resumes

So after the basic information of name and communication details on the left top hand top corner of the page an architect has to think about an appropriate objective heading. If we simply only mention as “Resume” it conveys only a direct message and not a committed message. The advantage of an architect is that he can work for some one and at the same time he can work for himself too i.e. a self employed individual with ease. An architect is having the distinct advantage of deciding as what to do with his life. So the architect has to convey what exactly he is to the prospective employer and the first paragraph itself will have to hit their interest and as they read their interest are aroused.

So what we have to do in the OBJECTIVE of the resume. Let us give two examples of architech resume objectives:


Architect Sample Resumes

This may give a positive view for the prospective employer that as in any other good advertisement it conveys the meaning that if one buy this product one is going to get the specific benefits. So after all what an architect is going to produce is not corporate decisions but corporate products.

As regards the experience portion as already discussed it has to be form the latest first and then to the initial one in a chronological order. For each assignment it has to highlight how much it has benefited the organisation and how enthusiastically it has been viewed by the customers. If the architect is an independent entrepreneur it is advisable to highlight his customer base. Besides it is also advisable to enclose a few gist of his work which he has successfully implemented. This may not be a compulsory one but it will go a long way. After all at the time of interview the specimen of success will be shown.

Architect Sample Resumes

The education portion is very important for an architect. If he or she is an achiever throughout by all means it has to be shown. But if the achievements are with ups and downs for example in the higher secondary achieved a first class and in the intermediate level little less, and in the degree level again a first class, so be honest, the interviewer will understand that you are a fighter and will not yield so easily. But if you were an average student still no problem, we can make up by your excellent experience. This will not have any direct fall out unless you are looking for a teaching profession.

The next portion of interest there need not have any specific guidelines. What is inborn in you as your hobbies and interest have to be candidly expressed with out many frills?

Finally the tips, as an architect you will have at least a healthy love for arts, be specific and how you have inculcated this interest in your working life, that will be an asset for you.