Bad job reference: What now?

Job referenceWho does not agree with a job reference, should defend themselves. Therefore one must however know the law and know what methods indicate employers concealed defects.

Job references are an important part in the application file. Companies measure them with great importance.

The work certificate must not harm job search

The job reference provides an overview of strengths and weaknesses as well as the professional experience of a candidate. A letter of reference must, it prescribes the law, in accordance with the truth. And it should not harm in finding a job.

It must be true

Negative statements that reflect badly on you as an employee are strictly prohibited in employment references. From the fiduciary duty of the employer shows that the witness is basically formulate benevolent.However, this can sometimes conflict with the principle of duty of truth. In such a conflict situation the witness is committed to the truth bid.

Gaps speak volumes

However, employers are not satisfied with former employees in some aspects, it can in the testimony also subliminally – to express – and thus legal. Popular are gaps that provide space for negative interpretations.Statements such as he “has made an effort” or “he has shown good will” can then, for example, be interpreted to mean that the employee expectations despite great commitment could not fulfill.

Search Clarifying week

Awaken your testimony a false impression, try this with your former superiors first be clarified in an interview. Usually they are found a solution that is satisfactory to both parties. So you can avoid going to the Labour Court.

The path to the Labour Court

but find no solution, the transition to the labor court recommends. About 40% of all cases before the labor court relate exclusively or partially the job reference. Can you prove to the employer in the formulation of job certificate malicious intent, this has to be sanctioned.

Code in the job reference

If you have received your letter of reference, you should check that you do not unfairly employers one or the other code in it.Memory products are not allowed. We’ll show you what to look for in your job reference.

Bad job reference: What now?One or the other code may well hidden in  emerge. Rule of thumb: The shorter your job reference, the worse for you! Negative as pure work certificates to be construed. Urge therefore a detailed description of your activities in the company and a full assessment of your performance.

Code in the job reference: your performance is judged

Read your testimony very critically, because what sounds supposedly good, may not always be beneficial for you. Your performance appraisal in the job reference can be formulated as follows:

A very good performance:

… Always … extremely pleased to our complete satisfaction … our fullest recognition

A good performance:

… Always to our full satisfaction … services were above average … always full credit

Satisfactory performance:

… Always to our satisfaction … were always satisfied with services … has always worked to our satisfaction

Inadequate performance:

… The task has completed on the whole, to our satisfaction … services were largely in our expectations … was interested in the matter

Poor Performance:

… Has endeavored to carry out the work to our satisfaction … has always tried to make us happy … has used all his skills … showed for his work understanding

A negative code in the job reference and you could slip through our fingers the next job. To ensure this does not happen exactly, we show you the hidden codes in the job reference.

Not only your performance is judged in the job reference, but also your behavior towards employees. Even the code to exit reason tells you whether you have terminated or your boss has denounced you. Your behavioral assessment in Arbeitszeugnis could be formulated as follows:

Very good behavior

… Was always friendly and attentive … was accustomed to working independently and enjoyed our full confidence … was always exemplary … cooperation with supervisors and staff has always been very good

Good Behaviour

… Behavior to superiors was flawless … contributed to a good and efficient teamwork in … cooperation with supervisors and staff was good

satisfactory behavior

… Behavior towards employees and supervisors was flawless … cooperation with supervisors and staff was good

sufficient behavior

… Cooperation with employees and supervisors was satisfactory … behaved correctly

A bureaucrat without own initiative?

In addition to these listed formulations, there are other codes. Thus indicated as “… was very efficient and could sell well” in a very unpleasant way employees. The wording “… helped to improve the working atmosphere at” that suggested a Veteran.

If available in your testimony “… does all the work done properly”, you interpreted the next recruiter as a bureaucrat who does not show initiative.

At the end of your work certificate is usually the reason for leaving: Why did you leave the company? If there is that you leave the company at his own request and we wish you all the best for the future, so that is very positive.

Traps, however, the good wishes for the future away and it is only “He leaves us on his own request,” this indicates not a big regret of his employer. Did you enjoy the company terminated, we write mostly “… leaves us in mutual agreement.” In the worst case you find any note here – then must be passed between you and your employer something.

Responsible employer provided your testimony with an additive, in which you’ll ever need to worry about hidden formulations: “This work was written testimony transparent and uncoded. It thus does not contain any ambiguous or otherwise interpretable formulations. ”

As a good reference looks

When asked for a letter of reference say many employers “Make me once a draft”. This is an opportunity you should use.

A good reference describes in detail your area of responsibility and gives a detailed assessment of your performance again.

Our example – this is a good reference from

certificate of employment

Mrs. Clara Meller, born on 27 October 1978 living in Thun, was from 1 April 2007 to 31 May 2014 at the busy pattern Präzisionstechnik AG. Our company is the European leader in the development and commercialization of precision instruments for the automotive industry.

The pattern Präzisionstechnik AG employs 65 people in Switzerland and 25 employees in the branch office in Germany. Frau Müller worked as a clerk in the Department of Export for our company. She was responsible for the following tasks:

Active customer contact (by phone)

  • Supporting the Regional Sales Manager
  • Active support of the sales force
  • Operational support of various internal departments
  • Processing of incoming orders
  • Monitoring of delivery
  • Preparation of terms of delivery
  • Clarify cheaper shipping methods
  • Creating invoices
  • Clarification of customs and export regulations
  • Creation of shipping documents
  • Providing Exhibition goods
  • Editing customer complaints

Mrs. Meller was a very reliable, High Roller and professional clerk. She thought with active and worked extremely efficiently and solution-oriented.

Do to their strong sense of responsibility, it became the indispensable support for the team. Mrs. Meller fulfilled the tasks it is always to our complete satisfaction. Your willingness underlined Mrs Müller by completing the graduate course as a clerk export in the Club School Business with a top score Has.

Your acquired knowledge could be successfully used in practical everyday work. Personally, we attest Mrs Meller an anytime integrity, dedicated, loyal, helpful, friendly behavior – from customers, colleagues and superiors alike.

This and its excellent team working, they quickly made for preferred contact person. It was highly appreciated by both customers as well as from their colleagues and superiors. Mrs Müller leaves our company at his own request to pursue a new challenge.

We regret your departure very much and thank her warmly for her longtime commitment and performance. For their professional and private future we wish her all the best. Thun, 31. May 2013 pattern  AG(Signature human resources and superior)