What are the biggest “turnoffs” for potential employers?

One of the ways to help yourself perform well at an interview is to look at the main reasons why organizations don’t hire the people they interview, according to those who do the interviewing. The 14 Most Common Reasons Job Hunters Are Not Offered Jobs (according to the companies who do the interviewing and hiring):

  1. Low level of accomplishment
  2. Poor attitude, lack of self-confidence
  3. Lack of goals/objectives
  4. Lack of enthusiasm
  5. Lack of interest in the company’s business
  6. Inability to sell or express yourself
  7. Unrealistic salary demands
  8. Poor appearance
  9. Lack of maturity, no leadership potential
  10. Lack of extracurricular activities
  11. Lack of preparation for the interview, no knowledge about company
  12. Objecting to travel
  13. Excessive interest in security and benefits
  14. Inappropriate background/lack of experience.

Notice that “lack of experience” is the last reason why people are not offered the jobs for which they interview!