Biotech has been one of the most important spheres of scientific activity since a very long time. It is often said that biotechnology is the pulse for all major scientific achievements right from agriculture to pharmacy. Needless to say that those who plan a foray into this exciting and challenging field of biotech need to have a keen interest in science.

A biotech resume needs to highlight your penchant for concepts of discovery, and further innovation. The continuation of progress is also important, and it must be mentioned by your varied experience.

Biotechnology Resumes

Biotech Resume Key words:

  • Perseverance or hard work
  • Strong inclination towards science
  • Agricultural activities
  • Pharmacy
  • Relevant experience

Biotech Resume Format: The Presentation is the first thing that needs to be taken care of. It must be clear and crisp, because this will be the first thing that your prospective employers will notice and then read the contents or the substance of your resume. Start with your full name, your permanent residential address, and your current resident address. In case if the residential address and your current place of stay are different then do mention the same. If they are the same, then just mention your residential address. Your correct contact numbers, along with the email address also is a must. In case if you are applying for a job in a different city than you are currently staying in, do mention your “Job Preferred Location”, and the name of the city against it.

Biotechnology Resumes

Biotech Resume Academic Information: After the factual information is displayed in your biotech resume, mention your academic record. The record needs to be extremely consistent, highlighting your inclination towards science and biotechnology. Most of the attention in your biotech resume will be on your specified job choice in the vast area of biotechnology. While some people have agriculture as the centre of research based activity and other academic theses, some prefer pharmacy and medical related field. So this needs to be in line with your specified job application and your future aims and ambitions. Mention the research work undertaken in sync with any university and any other collaboration that you may have had during your academic years.

Biotechnology Resumes

Biotech Resume Work Experience: Your area of expertise coupled with the work experience that you have had is an extremely important consideration in your biotech resume. Maintain a timeline displaying your years of work experience and/ or research based activity.

References: It will be a good idea to have at least two references in your biotech resume. These can be the names of the people with which you have worked closely, and who know your work very well. A good word from them can be a good booster in strengthening your interview call!

Biotech Resume Conclusion: End your resume with a proper mentioning of your current salary and your expected salary. Type in a declaration that whatever information you have provided in the resume is true to the best of your knowledge.