Managers of any category are far from being gods. They are ordinary people like you and me. The difference is that they have one of the most difficult jobs on this planet. And that is to select personnel. I trust you will have, by now, come to know that I am speaking of those managers who are in the not-so-enviable position of having to choose people to man the fort. And this is where the resume comes in. The managers I speak of above, have very little of that precious commodity (you’ve got it, I AM speaking about TIME). They are therefore, NOT in the position to read between the lines or play Hide and Seek with the abilities (or inabilities) of prospective employees. A resume points out the strengths of an applicant and gives a clear picture of his aptitude and competence levels. It is a selling tool that practically allows one applicant (or more) to stand out in a crowd. The last word, in fact, in salesmanship, where the product is YOUR PROWESS in a specified field. The resume is conclusive; a no-nonsense, definite statement about what an employee CAN do. Here, we provide you some great sample resumes and free resume tips, through which you can write your own resume.