A Builder’s career is characterised by a lot of multi dimensional activities. Not to mention, it is one of the most highly rewarding and demanding careers. If you are keen to pursue a career in this sphere you need to have a resume that will highlight your key strengths in the field of construction, planning and execution of plans. A strong hold on trouble shooting tasks is also important.

Builders Resume

Builders Resume Key Words:

  1. Construction
  2. Planning and Execution of Plans
  3. Trouble-shooting activities
  4. Architecture
  5. Handling of diverse projects and townships
  6. Knowledge of Infrastructure
  7. Multi-tasking
  8. Knowledge in the Real estate sector
  9. Property investments

Builders Resume Format:
Make sure that the font is similar throughout the resume, and it stretches not more than 2-3 pages. The size can differ for the sub titles of the resume. But you must highlight something significant in your resume such as your relevant experience of some years in the real estate sector. It is recommended that you display information about yourself, your academic qualifications and relevant research experience in a tabular form, describing it in a very detailed and precise manner. Cut out on the peripherals and be up to the point. In case if your prospective employees have some clarification, they can always address their doubts to you when you go to them formally for an interview.

Builders Resume

Builders Resume Academic Record:
The qualifications and degrees desirable in a builder’s resume would be that of Bachelor’s in Architecture, or an MBA. In case if you don’t have the tailor made qualifications to put in your resume, then an illustrious experience can be a good replacement. A good understanding of the real estate sector and property laws is worth mentioning.

Builders Resume Work Record:
It is imperative to display a strong background of realty related development, a keen sense of infrastructure and architectural knowledge. It is better to mention your work record right from the time of internship, just after passing out your college, till your current work profile. Since the work profile of a builder is primarily dynamic, you must mention every task that you have undertaken in your career. If there are some independent projects that you have handled, mention the same specifically. If you have some photographs of the work that you have handled or some projects under your leadership, then you can attach them with your resume.

Builders Resume

After the work record, comes the salary part. You need to mention your current CTC (Cost To Company) as well as your expected salary in the prospective company.

Builders Resume Conclusion:
Though the work experience may consist of several multitudes of tasks, it is important to have some things that are particularly exciting to you in your builder career. These things will be defining aspects of your builders resume, much like the aims in your life. Be extremely clear in what you want to achieve. Conclude your resume by mentioning that all the information that you have provided is very much true. Couple it up with at least two references of people in your industry who have worked with you and have good words about your professional capabilities and working attitude.