Burnout Syndrome at work: symptoms of Burnout

burnout syndrom

Burnout Syndrome at work

The now frequently occurring illnesses burnout syndrome belongs.

Burnout SyndromeThis is described as a state of emotional exhaustion, which ultimately leads and causes the person his job at least for now can not exercise a strong motivation.

Experience has shown that suffer from burnout syndrome almost exclusively persons who are very committed to their profession and have ignored for a longer period physical warnings such as sleep.

The burnout syndrome is often accompanied by other mental illnesses such as depression.

Clearly recognizable is the disease, if the employee is both personally and professionally unmotivated and no longer be motivated and this poor health persists over a longer period.

Symptoms of Burnout

The phases of complete surrender to totalem retreat and follow one another in an open Grundtraurigkeit and anxiety. The person concerned has no positive feelings towards life, cuts herself off from his environment and changes between aggressive and depressive phases. Already Talking or listening are almost insurmountable obstacles for burnout sufferers.

Caution: Risk of infection

Burnout can act in labor departments “contagious”, so that a whole team is pulled down by an interested party and itself may fall into the Burnout Swirl. Burnout sufferers have a physical and psychological lack of drive and are not regenerate unaided able.

They are indifferent and suffer from existential despair that can develop into a severe depression. For such a disease self-injurious behavior is typical, which can also lead to suicide.

Causes of Burnout

Burnout causes can be divided into personal and social / societal factors. A personal reason is often the role conflict between desired image and reality. If the expectation is particularly large and beautiful and the actual image rather sobering, may be very disappointed especially more anxious and less confident people quickly.

This disappointment can be the basis for burnout. Even self-confident people, must plug the setbacks in the world of work and their private life can be taken from burnout when the stress becomes too great.

If the load is higher than the personal resistance, increases the risk of burnout disease.Perfectionists who are overambitious and hence fall into a deep hole for failure to do a task, are heavily represented among the burnout sufferers – as well as people with a so-called helper syndrome. These people spread very much affection that they would really like to find himself.

Corporate and Social reasons may be, for example, family or work-technical problems. A new job, a boss who is very high demands or tasks that are meaningless in the eyes of the employee, are typical triggers for burnout.

An employee who is not mentally challenged since it performs the same old routine tasks or must act against his own values, to complete a task is just as vulnerable.A few social contacts a shattering family structure or a personal check, people who have the above traits, derail.

Preventive options against burnout

An employer can ensure that its employees are satisfied by a positive working climate. These include realistic work goals, a certain right and personal feedback.

Personally can burnout prevention characterized by indulges in extensive regeneration phases and drives to compensate for job everyday sports or making music. A certain distance to work is just as meaningful.

Treatment of burnout sufferers

In the early stages can help a longer recovery period or a cure. In later stages, professional help is essential. A psychotherapy in combination with antidepressant drugs is often a notweniger step.But let if possible not only go so far.

A job can be challenging and fulfilling. But the job is not everything in life and should never force it. Unlock sometimes from and keep social contacts with people outside your company maintains in your spare time.

Who is considered incapacitated?

As incapacitated applies an insured person if he is no longer able due to an illness, an accident or injury, practice his profession.

Most insurance contracts provide that the disability is confirmed for a period of at least six months. In the public pension system by the disability is only covered if the member was born before 02 January 1961 younger policyholders receive benefits only for a disability. Private insurance companies generally pay if their member of at least fifty percent is incapacitated.

Mostly older contracts still have the right to the insurance company on the abstract reference. This states that the policy holder is not considered to be incapacitated if he can do a job, which is similar to the insured activity.

The similarity is very broadly interpreted, so that a doctor can be referred to a consultative capacity at a medical publishing entirely. Most concluded today contracts waive the policyholder discriminatory clause on the abstract reference.

The legal

The burnout syndrome is recognized as a disease and leads according to experience, in most cases to a more than six months remains unable to continue to exercise the profession. Thus, the disability insurance is obliged to pay compensation if a policyholder in the Burnout syndrome was diagnosed.

As difficult the legal situation proves in older agreements which provide a disability pension only at a probably three years lasting disability. Not always predicts the doctor at a burnout syndrome such a permanent disability to disability. Evaluations of treatment results show that a majority of patients can be cured with a largely Burnout Syndrome within a year and again are able to practice their profession.

Because of these statistics attest quite a few doctors at least three years of occupational disability only if has set no noticeable improvement in health status after one year.
In reality shows that mental illnesses such as burnout syndrome much more often lead to disability as a physical illness and injuries.

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Clauses in the insurance contract

In contracts for  can accommodate a clause the insurance company, under which it has the right to an appeal and may adjust the payments of the agreed sum insured, if the state of health of the policyholder has improved and he can work again to more than fifty percent in his profession ,

A darartige clause disadvantage the policyholder, so that the law places high demands on their application.
In principle, however, is any policyholder recommended to choose a waiving the appeal tariff for its disability insurance.

If a clause was expressly agreed in the insurance contract, the insurance company can not require verification and is obligated to pay benefits under the disability insurance until the start of the regular retirement age.

Re-entry into the workplace after a burnout


Re-entry into the workplace after a burnoutYou feel fit enough to return to the workplace back or to look for a new job after the heaviest phases of burnout? What you should now pay particular attention?

If you “hot” in the phases of burnout have used psychotherapeutic support or found in a rehabilitation center again to its former strength, then you should there already important insights have developed and obtained information that are useful to prepare for the next time.

What has plunged me into burnout?

Through a detailed analysis of burnout causes can find important information on how the way back to make into work best. There are many causes which have brought about the profound exhaustion and collapse.

For example, an aggressive work environment (harassment, Bossing, environmental stressors such as noise, heat, etc.), massive overwork, endless overtime, and low esteem, to name just some of the most important factors for a “burn out”.

Are the triggers of burnout on previous work changed?

Employers who actually carry out their duty of care will really work for a successful return also. In order for the re-entry does not lead to relapse, to the employer and employee have to sit at a table and negotiate the conditions of a successful restart in common.

It is particularly important to avoid the triggers of burnout from now. The stressors (work environment, job demands, work environment) must be addressed openly and ways are being sought to make a successful return possible.

It should also be a slow start with a reduced number of hours, but are definitely with absolute avoidance of overtime, discussed. A change in the area of responsibility, regulated working hours and consistently-compliance with breaks are more important issues.

Take advantage of the resources that result from good time management. Put conscious priorities and allow sufficient time for relaxation, family, friends and your hobbies.

With former or new colleagues is to discuss why certain arrangements have been made, so rumors of the soil is prematurely withdrawn on favors and no envy reactions.

Start by new!

Even a change of job or complete career change may be alternatives to a fresh start in a job can.

Go for a burnout sensitively with your body around and pay attention to your mental and physical abilities.Look forward to the new quality of life that you have gained through frequent “saying no” self-determined priorities and new freedoms.

Go optimistic and with new courage for the future!

Career instead Burnout frustration

More and more workers suffer from burnout. If they are only once in the burnout spiral, is expected to absence from work of several months. After successful treatment of the burnout to the person concerned is then usually the question of how to proceed professionally.

Many start Burnout processes with fundamental changes in the life or professional situation. That may be about a change of job, the end of a long-standing relationship or illness loss of a loved one. Who then the diagnosis ” burnout “ is told, thinks the same is no longer to be prepared for life. In a professional context one thinks then quickly to the worst case: the End of career or total failure.

This idea can be justified if the conditions that led to burnout, are not changed. Who wants to stay on the career track, should therefore look carefully, what was the cause of the disease: the job conditions, treasury shares, factors outside of working life or a combination of all factors.

Have family reasons cause of burnout and the problems are solved, a return to the old job there is no obstacle. However, if the position or the working environment was the cause of the disease, already the question arises whether the current position can continue to hold and should.

Many need his usual working environment for the re-entry into professional life, while others want to set clear signs of bouncing back and leave their current employer.

A study by the Swiss Institute “science transfer” commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation from August 2009 result, only seven percent of those affected by burnout Manager can imagine leaving their previous professional environment. Although health is in immediate danger, found two-thirds of managers still believe that “burnout” is by no means a reason for changing jobs.

At the online survey took in the first half of 2009 at least 740 managers participate, including 32 executives and board members, 148 management employees, 299 officers, 173 non-executive and 88 other employees in management positions.

Not infrequently, this setting is in the fact that just the executives own weaknesses or not reluctant to admit and their status symbols that connect them with their position, will not give up.

Often it is but just the work-related conditions that lead to burnout such as: heavy workload, time and time pressure, lack of recognition, constant availability and low decision latitude. In a job-related burnout is important to ensure that the conditions are changed so that they do not get sick after returning to the old position.

If a change is inconceivable, a change of job and the associated possibly even the leap into a new business can be a valuable alternative career and be an important signal of a new beginning. For some, a self can come into question. Not infrequently make Burnout concerned her hobby into a career.

If the cause of the disease in a self, the work-life balance and stress management skills should be improved before anyone his previous job resumes. The own high standards for themselves, such as by high perfectionism and extreme motivation should be checked and returned to a reasonable level. Anyone who has had a burnout, is a lifetime need to work on prevention, not to fall again in this disease.

According to a recent study by the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Services Research in Hannover recidivism once affected is 30%.

For long-term considerations, the Institute evaluated from data of the health insurance company GEK, which is now merged with the Barmer.

So to prevent a reoccurrence Burnout is a lifelong process. Who’s going back to work, should make his own weaknesses and behavior patterns always aware and accept them. Acceptance of one’s personality is the first step to recovery.

If you decide after accurate weighing of pros and cons of a return to his former employer, will after a burnout disease because of the fiduciary duty of the employer an interview with the immediate supervisor and a human resources representative instead to elicit whether the Affected parties can again be used in place or what assistance he needs to.

To what extent one should come out against the employers’ representatives as Burnout affected, of course, is to always opt for customization. This greatly depends on the company and error culture and how the company deals with diseases anyway.

Whether you talk to colleagues about his illness depends on how familiar you look is. Surely you will not bind the diagnosis each equal to the nose.

But how to behave when the boss is the root cause of burnout?

The Absence Rates Report 2011, which (WIdO) was issued in cooperation with the University of Bielefeld and the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin by the Scientific Institute of the AOK, found that employees who are not sufficiently praised by your boss and not well informed, often cancer than employees, in which this is the case.
the survey 28,223 employees from 147 companies.

If the boss is the cause of the problem, you should not be definitely carried away accusations. Then every supervisor will immediately make “tight” and speak out against further cooperation. Here diplomacy is in demand! The conversation should be well prepared and strategically thought out, so you do not embarks on ice and takes valuable career options.

What you really want, you can find out the best part of a self-reflection process. What alternatives are there? What pros and cons are there? How fit you feel? All questions that need to be answered. In addition to the mind one should note here above all his intuition.

At the latest, however, when the thoughts turn in a circle, you can also invite third parties to solve the problem. Professional career consultants provide important support. An outsiders person may address the blind spots, his sparring partner, give suggestions, impetus.

The re-entering the profession after a burnout is an extremely important step back into life, which often triggers anxiety in those affected. Therefore, one should not hesitate to seek assistance in case of need be.