Posting a status update on social sites could sometimes ruin your career. And today, the leading social site ever known to people is Facebook, which if used the wrong way, could be work-threatening.

Engaging in social networking sites could be a lot of fun! If you were to capture some greatest moments of life, photos are not just enough; you have the option now to tell the world about it.

4 You can be so proud that you open your laptop or mobile phone to make the latest happenings about your life. It can be a perfect reference about your personal story in the future. You can check on the timeline and that will definitely tell a story. You just need to make sure to use social media wisely and share only valuable information that could be helpful to many.

Can Social Posting Damage Your Career?

Now it is good to check the other side of the coin. Some are using these social networking sites for their ranting, online bullying, social profanity and all. You don’t expect everything to be perfect as heaven, but instead, see the reality of misused social networking.

I can certainly feel how people react on matters of losing a job because of nagging bosses, broken relationships because one is caught out with another person.

What is the age range that composed 78% of the 15 million active users of facebook? I bet is around 18 to 54. With this demographic, they can certainly tell what is the latest on their friend’s wall post as they can see that on their notifications. Now, they know what I’m talking about.

Can Social Posting Damage Your Career?

Are you a jobseeker? How is Facebook important to you in some other sense?

There is some point that what you posted in these social media sites or Facebook is ain’t good at all that you eventually thought of deleting the post you made. Well, you’ve gone €socially postal’. People might have already seen what you posted out there and you are only left with one option. And that is to delete what you posted or deactivate your account to prevent further damage to self.

Employers and recruiters will search you in Google, it’s highly likely they will come across your Facebook page and they will almost certainly take a peek. A first impression will be formed and after a little old €Facebook stalking’, your fate with that company will be formed. According to, a survey found that 25% of employers check social networking sites before choosing whom to hire. Half of these employers have chosen to forego candidates due to details found in social media.

Can Social Posting Damage Your Career?

So before committing career suicide, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Adjust your privacy settings to remove your profile from public view
  • Think – Think – Think and then Think again before you post anything
  • Don’t overdo the status updates, besides boring your friends, you will give employers the wrong impression about your productivity
  • Don’t overuse the acronyms, especially my all time least favourite – FML (I had to Google it the first time I saw it to learn what it meant)
  • Don’t use profile pictures that show you half-dressed with a beer in hand at a music festival – this won’t impress your potential employers
  • Resist the urge to share compromising photos – no need to explain this one further

But if it itches you to really make a post, comment or tag someone, think twice that you won’t regret in the future. Make sure you will not be ruining you reputation online. There are a lot of eyes watching every take you make. Now, you know what to do, just be responsible with what you will post.