Good smile is the most important factor and asset when it comes to a person’s beauty and success. Dentistry is critically important for self esteem and well being. A nice smile projects attractiveness, pleasant disposition and self confidence. Long ago dentistry means only removing the plaque and removing the decayed tooth. But now this is not it. Now it is expanded to laser surgeries, tissue grafts, implants etc are some latest methods of treatments. Due to the change in food habits there are more problems related to dental decaying and enamel loss are encountered. In the other hand the awareness and importance of dental care has been increasing amongst the people.

Career in Dentistry: Courses, Employment Opportunities

Course details: students who have passed their intermediate in Bi.P.C as subjects with 50% and above and who scored the rank in the EAMCET can take admission in Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS).

Employment opportunities: After completing BDS opportunities can be availed in Government and Private Hospitals. Apart from that they can secure job as dentist in companies who are manufacturers of oral protection products. One can get around 25000 to 30000 as their monthly income if they join in government hospitals. Where as they earn more income in private hospitals.

Career in Dentistry: Courses, Employment Opportunities

  • They can start their private practice as dentist.
  • After completing the BDS course there are plenty of opportunities available in gulf countries. Once one passes the BDS course they can mint money in dollars and pounds on US, UK, they need to get Part1 and Part2 exams eligibility to take up the dentist jobs in these counties.

Higher Education: After BDS to get best opportunities in the field one can complete their Masters of Dental Science (MDS). After completing MDS they can step in to teaching, Research and Development in this sector.

Career in Dentistry: Courses, Employment Opportunities

To be a successful dentist in this field one should equip him/her self with the changing and new technologies in Dentistry stream.

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