One of the rapidly spreading sectors is hospitality industry. This has changed in to flood of opportunities in the tourism industry. With the increasing number of tourists who are visiting the country growth in the hospitality sectors are in the demand of human resources fulfilling the needs. This has increased the number in people who are opting to study Hospitality and Hotel Management and selecting this as career.

Entry: there are lots of courses like degree and diploma courses available in Hotel Management field. After completing the bachelors one can do their MBA in Hospitality Management. Even they can opt for Msc in Hospitality Management or Specialized PG Diploma courses. This requires good communication skills, Managerial skills and soft skills to excel.

Career in Hotel Management and HR Management: Courses Jobs, Salaries

Opportunities: Onboard Flight Services, Indian Navy, Cruiser, Hospitality Services, International Food chains, Banks, Hospitals and BPO companies are also recruiting Hotel Management Graduates. One can become an entrepreneur by starting their own establishment in hospitality sector. There are lots of opportunities available abroad for Hotel management professionals. In the beginning of their career they are earning a salary of around 15000 to 18000 as trainees. With the experience they earn around 30000 to 1 lakh a month as salary.

Fact File: During April 2000 to April 2013 country’s Hotel and tourism industry received around 6664 million dollar as direct investments. Career in HR Management Human Resources Management (HR) department is the heart of a company. HR Managers play critical role in running the company in successful manner. In today’s world there is a scarcity of professional and efficient HR Managers.

Career in Hotel Management and HR Management: Courses Jobs, Salaries

Due to recession and other factors the demand for the HR Managers is increasing. In any organization, recruitment of staff, performance management and training in required processes and drafting policies for the growth of the company are some of the job responsibilities of a HR Manager.


Career in Hotel Management and HR Management: Courses Jobs, Salaries

  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) has HR as subject. However, to settle in HR career this knowledge is not adequate. One can opt for university offered Master of Business Management (MBA) with the specialization in HR. in this specialization they teach subjects like Staffing, Recruitment, Industrial Dispute, Personal Management, Performance Management, Empowerment and Leadership Development, Labor Laws.
  • IGNOU, Sikkim Manipal University, Symbiosis Management Institute is offering distance learning courses in MBA (HR).

Opportunities: Jobs are available in Government Sector, Private Companies, Financial Institutions, Corporate Houses, MNCs. In the beginning salaries will be approximately 15000 to 20000 per month. With the experience one can earn more compensation and promotions in the organization. HR Managers are bridges between management and employees. HR Manager should have Quality of taking decisions according to the circumstances, leadership qualities and team spirit.