Broadcasting media… Is escorting people in providing them solutions for their day to day problems. Not only providing them the information and news, but also playing key role in enlightening the people and helping them to fight with their problems. Journalism is becoming a best career option for the youth these days.

In view of increasing investments in the media industry there are new companies entering this field. New News Papers, Channels, Magazines and Web portals are happening. Especially number of 24 hours news channels is increasing. With this, there is a demand for trained human resources in the industry.

Career in Journalism: Courses, Job Opportunities, Salaries

Courses: Mostly all universities are offering diplomas, PG Diploma, Graduation, PG, Doctoral level courses in Mass communication and Journalism. With the increasing demand for Journalism some colleges are offering Journalism as one of the subject in their degree level group subject. Bachelor of Communications and Journalism (BCG), Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ) are being selected by many people to pursue. IGNOU, Potti Sriramulu Telugu Universities are offering these courses in distance learning mode. Intermediate, Degree as the qualification they can take the admission in this distance learning courses.

Voluntary Training Centers: with the tremendous competition between media partners, many news papers, channels are starting the training centers and giving training in journalism according to their requirement.

Career in Journalism: Courses, Job Opportunities, Salaries

Employment Opportunities: there are lots of opportunities available in Print Media and Electronic Media for the people who completed their journalism course. In the beginning they get jobs in News paper, as channel reporter, sub editor/copy editor. They have opportunities as Public Relations Officer (PRO) in Central and State Government after they clear the department related exams.

  • In Private and educational institutions people who have completed their Journalism course are getting job as PRO with highly paid salaries.
  • BCJ Certified people can go for MCJ, M.Phil, PhD and can avail opportunities in the research organizations. They can settle as faculty also.
  • There is an opportunity to work as freelance Journalist or they can open their own consultancy.

Salaries: the beginning the salaries starts from 10000 to 15000 and experience person will be offered around 30000 to 40000 according to the performance.

Career in Journalism: Courses, Job Opportunities, Salaries

Career in Acting: Courses and Opportunities

“Acting is everybody’s second favorite Job” says America’s Famous Actor, writer Jack Nicoleson. Selecting Acting as their favorite profession and getting settled in the “Glamour” career has been the aspiration of most of the youth nowadays.

Some of the international Film studios like, Warner Brothers, Disney, Fox, and Dream works are joining hand with Indian film production companies. With this big budget movies are impending. On the other hand entertainment channels Mega Serials and Reality shows are amusing the viewers. Keeping this scenario opportunity for artists is increasing day by day.

One who wants to step into the acting career for improving their acting skills many professional courses are available. Nationwide many educational institutions are offering degree and diploma courses in Acting and Drama. These courses are available in short term and long term basis. For example National Institute of film and fine arts (Kolkata) is offering diploma in acting. Film and Television institute of India (Pune) is offering a PG Diploma.

Career in Journalism: Courses, Job Opportunities, Salaries

Career: After improving the skills one can act in Ads, TV Serials, Reality Shows and Stage Show to slowly get the film opportunities. One State Actor earns around one Thousand to 10000 per show. This remuneration will change according to the production house and importance of the role. A TV Actor can earn around 10000 to 2 lakhs per episode. For fresher they can earn around 2000. According to the experience and popularity remuneration will increase.

To excel in the acting career one need to possess good stamina to with stand competition. They also need good patience and communication skills and emotions controlling capacity.

Fact File: as per survey in our country the value of Media and entertainment industry by end of 2017 would reach be approximately 2 lakh crore rupees.