Career planning – Know your values ​​and goals?

Career planning – Know your values and goals?

Read in almost any guide how to set up your goals and plan the career path to achieve them in each individual step. So far so good. But what it might do if it falls short of achieving? 

It could be because you do not know exactly why you set these goals. Self-management has also to do with it, you actually conduct the values and objectives. This refers to those who are anchored within you, perhaps even unconsciously.

So it is no wonder if the tips that follow, do not work and do not lead to the targeted success. Therefore, it may be useful to look at the career planning from a different side, which has to do only with you.

Do you understand why you are seeking a particular goal?

Before the analysis of this question is another: How well do you know yourself? Because you will only exercise a desirable job with joy and commitment, if it with your inner values coincide.

For that you need to know how you tick. If your personal concept is such that for you exclusively excellence are eligible, an adjustment between goals and objectives may be necessary.

Therefore, make the following considerations to:

  • Why I want to ever have a career?
  • Excites me the rapid rise like a comet?
  • Prefer to take care of my family life actually more?
  • I take a boring job in buying, because he is well paid?
  • Search I in all that I do make sense?

They will answer those questions to determine if what is really important to you, fits with your current or your desired job situation. Drag accordingly your conclusions.

Only your own goals are real targets

False targets chasing, going faster than we sometimes think. This can also happen if you do, for example, unconscious goals others to your own and they take unaudited. But the decisive factor is alone, what is important and what drives you.

What is top of your wish for a life according to your personal preferences: a happy partnership, a private house with a garden, or the dream job? How much you mean possession and gains actually how much “mediocrity” or we prefer to call it normalcy can handle your ego?

If you clarify all these points of its own – as honestly as possible -, take a giant step. You know what you do not need and what you necessarily want. You can put aside the unimportant and therefore waste not your precious time.

How you manage with success itself

You will be more successful in your personal and professional life, if you bring your desires and personal values with their respective objectives in line.

The best plan is useless if it is not underpinned by beliefs.Then hook only mechanically from point to point you have done. The result is inevitably the great discomfort: you lack the right drive, listlessness and boredom are spreading. Their motivation lies idle, and at some point you’re wondering resigned, why are you doing all this.

The secret of successful people is not so mysterious: they know themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. And they know the values and aspirations that determine their actions.

On this basis, make decisions, set priorities and do not hesitate to make without hesitation on the way to reach your (e) Objective (s). The implementation of what they set out to do and what they have planned thoroughly, manages also the climbers do not always easy.

There are obstacles and setbacks. The greater the sense of achievement when the target is within reach and a day is achieved with flying colors.

Additional info: If you are currently in a crisis or have lost your personal goal out of sight, do not put up with this situation. You can work for. B. with a professional coach and bring back the light into the darkness of your life planning.

Most rich for a few hours. It costs money, but could be an investment from which you have some time. Good self-management means that is also to seek support at the points where it does not get further alone.