Career skills: These 29 should be able to

Career Skills
Successfully are only the people who know better than anyone else what they’re good. To recognize the, is the first and most important step to career success. But rarely have the entrants all career skills that are demanded by employers. You have but of course the chance to learn this yet. The sooner you begin, the sooner the professional success. We have 29 career skills together, of which you probably already know some and can – in other again you have to work …

Career Skills: The most Business Skills

To clarify the question of which business skills are looking for companies with their employees, which has German Chamber of Commerce a few years ago survey started. The result was hardly surprising : commitment, responsibility , communication skills and team spirit were in the first place. Even independent work, willingness to perform and resilience are among the expected career skills.

Can you claim to be, that you have all these business skills? Let’s be honest: There are few people who all these skills at the beginning of the career already can boast. This is not tragic. Only with time learn new entrants, what matters in the company.

Even if mistakes happen, by this they learn best. That makes a personal and professional development of. A – lot worse if no progress is seen is a halt in the development can take the fun job and the desire to work to naught.

In addition to classic and always mentioned skills, but there are a number of other career skills that can help you, the career ladder up to rise.

Career skills: These 29 you should learn

At first glance gives the impression as if you had been totally unprepared such a list. But you can not put off and not put yourself under pressure: Some of the following 29 skills you have already mastered. And the rest of the points, you do not learn in a week, but should focus on one after another .

⇒ Explore the own super power
At least one super power, each. There is always something that no one can be as good as you. It is what you do best – recognize this power and put them on.
⇒ Finding your kryptonite
Know your super power? Then you can now find your weak spot . Enter about: There are things in which you are not just bad, but almost hopeless. But not Remain standing in confronting this fact – seek help and try to convert the weakness over time in eome strength.
⇒ learn to delegate
Try to sit on two stools at the same time, you are wasting your time. Let it. Learn who to prioritize – you recognize the tasks that need your attention, and do your best from others, which can be done by someone else, is it perhaps better qualified than yourself .. The delegation also has a another advantage: Distribute the tasks, you realize the work processes much more clearly.
⇒ Identifying the target
Every day you encounter opportunities, hitting a choice. You should already know which principles are important to you, of which you will never deviate – and what is on the other hand important and what you will not waste your time and energy. To stay on the path to your goals. Use your priorities as a guide when you tough career decisions must meet.
⇒ The successes recorded …
… And this in CV embed. Surely there is something that you particularly proud of are. What successes have already celebrated? Which services you have a project or even an entire company advanced? From the outside you often get only held their own mistakes and shortcomings, and it is therefore up to you yourself, hold the success and to make them aware again.
⇒ Learning from Losses
Usually you will first defeats suffered before you successes arrive – it happen error and might even be ashamed for it. Drag conclusions from these setbacks. Analyze when and where you made the mistake, which is why it could come to and what you will do better next time. Otherwise, the burning guilt for the permanent companion.
⇒ Meeting the challenges
It feels good to be appreciated as an employee for their own performance and even to have the feeling that they can convince their own abilities. This is great and you should be proud – no doubt. but you should also try to achieve even more. Find a challenge that you can imagine, by accepting for example, more responsibility and care for an even bigger project or a more important customer. You will never realize how good you really are, if you do not try it.
⇒ Facing up to the fear
Make something you have never done – go ahead and make up your anxiety . If before a conference? Propose, first to speak. Are you afraid of the boss? Ask ask him for an interview and after transport . Things that you startled at the beginning of the career, you come today ridiculous and small. The same happens with today’s problems. Furthermore, the highest risk for best results.
⇒ Facing the criticism …
… And they want to. It is important to accept the notes properly and not be seen as an attack against itself. If you know where you are not good enough or that even bigger is expected from you, then you still have the possibility to do something – this is important for the career growth. Do you know the criticism , you can move on.
⇒ exercise Criticism
Give feedback . In 90 percent of cases it only come into mutual praise or muted criticism. The principle one hand washes the other can sometimes be useful if you can not move or do not want to develop. Dream but the rise in the company, then you learn to point others to the error and maximum use to be expected.
⇒ Say no
The nice, helpful colleagues, who never say no , everyone likes. Because they make life easier. The own especially. But who can get other help his all too eager, to pay a heavy price . Unfortunately, it does not remain in the long run mostly on individual favor. Whoever only Yes and Amen says, is often exploited, filled with new tasks, until he comes to its limits.
⇒ Building a network
Get to know the people to whom you can trust, and surround yourself with you. For a successful career advancement should a network have made useful and reliable acquaintances – you started today on it.
⇒ Recognize the good advice
Advice on all areas of problems with the boss up to the career growth. Pick people who you good advice to give. Family, friends, colleagues or contacts from the industry – the more different is the input, the more likely is exactly the advice below, you just need.
⇒ welcome Properly
The handshake, the observance of the distance, the order and much more are part of business etiquette . These rules should you know and observe. A hug is rarely appropriate in a job that you should Duzen at the beginning only leave completely. Follow the usual deal between colleagues and the boss – you are on the safe side and not attract negative attention.
⇒ Create a impressive resume
Find the best thing you have ever done together and take it into the CV – the publications, the company, the projects, the design … Anything you are proud, you should also show. Always keep the current CV at hand – if you get a job offer, you should prove that you are worth it.
⇒ learn Sell
Some people believe that the selling shameful is. In fact, sales skills are one of the most important skills you should acquire. Learn to sell, then you get everything else. Whether it is or you sell yourself as a skilled professional that everyone wants to have in his company its own product, is then irrelevant.
⇒ learn Negotiate
The main idea here: you should what you need for the lowest possible price get. Start with something small: Ask the boss about to training courses for improvement of professional skill or a trip to an interesting conference.
⇒ Finding the own work style
Den you will need. Do not take without thinking methods of supervisors, the manager or a colleague at at. Everyone works differently and is productive in other ways. Fashion your own approach out to complete the tasks or the time to manage.
⇒ write letters and emails correctly
Do not press the send button, unless you are sure that your letter the receiver from the first glance convinced of. Professional correspondence is a way of influencing the career growth – you should learn to write letters or emails in which you reach the destination from the very first line. Tips, see our article on e-mail letter .
⇒ Create to-do lists right
Properly is effective . If you write in calligraphy all tasks for the day in the columns, but they do not implement them effectively, then the method is wrong. There are different types of lists that you can try.
⇒ learn know your body …
… And change it for the better. Recognize what type of energy and productivity type you are, when you should best go take a break and rather walk. There is nothing worse, in the moment to force them to work , in which the body defends itself most.
⇒ Not to be ashamed of the work
When the question Where do you work to reduce generally the eyes on the ground and something unintelligible babbling to himself, then it is time to change this reaction. Learn to talk about your work so that all interested remember it and tell further. Think of the career success that you are proud, and share this information confidently and confidently.
⇒ Let the doubts aside
Many people in new jobs feel uncomfortable – as if they were wrong and not good enough for the job. But this is not so – I wonder why you got the job? By the time you have to by the doubts free – you are the expert, the HR convinced and should believe that you do your job well.
⇒ Create a Plan B
What do you do if tomorrow you will be fired? Do you have any answer to this question, you should consider a hurry. Even if the Plan B may never be needed. Imagine times before, the company goes into bankruptcy or be the personnel cuts made – then you are happy with an alternative with which you are mentally engaged before.
⇒ Thinking outside the box
Of course, your career is important, but it can be useful to gain experience in other fields. Does your job have a range which does not belong directly to your tasks, but interesting? Or is there a sport or a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try? Look outside the box and develop further – both personally and professionally. In order to take another step in the direction of success. Another advantage: It will never get bored.
⇒ Investing in yourself
In distance learning, to a level of expertise in new knowledge in the hobby – the more you can and the more you work, the faster you move further into the career. Do you have a choice between the new suit and the English course – what makes you happy is the success closer?
⇒ Investing in society
Instead only to take, you should give a little – of this principle you have probably heard before. But he seldom followed. Show volunteering , you help people who have not been so lucky.
⇒ Recognizing the own wishes
You hardly know, who you will be in a few years or even decades – but you know what you want to achieve by then. It is very important also to know what you do not want . Do you want a nasty boss or be a mediocre manager? If you identify what you want and what you do not want to have the goal one step closer.
⇒ Run the Dream Job
What else? Do you love your job does not, do not fully support the business, you will never be successful.