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There have been some developments from a marketing perspective in frozen yogurt franchises. Local entrepreneurs have seen fit to go the innovative route in their business by installing self-serve frozen yogurt machines at their place of business. This allows customers to essentially create their own frozen yogurt concoction depending on their volume and topping preferences, and they get charged by weight.

It is an efficient approach to labor and inventory management and a highly effective marketing strategy that is sure to increase profitability. Aside from volume and toppings, many frozen yogurt shops offer several flavors to choose from as well as variations on a theme. Certain yogurt machines are able to dispense gelato, Italian ice, and custard as well as frozen yogurt, and this greatly expands the appeal of the shop to a wider market. This means more people coming in, and that means more sales.

Frozen yogurt is basically a compromise between the imminently healthy but rather weird-tasting natural yogurt and the imminently unhealthy but rather delicious-tasting ice cream. Let’s face it; yogurt is an acquired taste, and most people won’t bother to acquire it even in these health-conscious times. Frozen yogurt has some of the benefits of natural yogurt and ice cream and few of the drawbacks. It is a delicious and creamy yet healthy snack that people of all ages will enjoy.

This is the reason why frozen yogurt is highly marketable and has become big business. Many people who have started this business agree that it is a great investment. Starting up a frozen yogurt franchise is pretty much turnkey with the right franchiser and opportunities abound in most areas. If you want to know if you have what it takes to be a frozen yogurt franchise owner.