Chemistry is said to be one of the most challenging fields of Science. It is important to understand the role and the contribution of Chemistry in the realm of research and development before venturing out in this highly demanding sphere of Science.

For a Chemistry Resume, you need to depict an in-depth understanding of Chemistry as a field, as a subject and its vast scope of research in the scientific arena. Your resume should also flow along these lines.

Chemistry Resumes

Chemistry Resume Format:
The format needs to be extremely presentable and lucid to understand. It may be noted that since it is a research based, the information that is outlined herewith must be descriptive, and at the same time, peripherals or unnecessary information must be kept out of its scope. In case if your prospective employers do have some clarifications, then they can always contact you for the same. They may even address these while you are personally present there for an interview. In any case, your information must not be vague- neither in writing, nor in verbal communication.

This is the most desirable format of a Chemistry Resume:

  1. Factual Details
  2. Academic Experience
  3. Work Experience
  4. Interests and Line of Work
  5. Achievements – Academic and Work related
  6. Future aims and goals
  7. Conclusion

Chemistry Resumes

Factual Details:
This must comprise of your full name, date of birth, permanent residential address, correct contact numbers – cell phone and residential land line phone, and the total number of your experience.

Academic Experience:
You need to highlight all your academic records that highlight your keen interest in Chemistry and other aspects related to it. In case if you have undertaken any doctoral thesis or accomplished it, mention the same. The standard degree that you need to have is a Bachelors and/or a Masters in Science, depicting your key area as Chemistry.

Work Experience:
Mention the research related activity that you have accomplished in a private or a governmental organisation. If you have worked in a laboratory assisting the process of application of Chemistry, then mention the same, along with your complete task details. It is imperative that your job profile should result in a cumulating interest of Chemistry, and its various fields.

Chemistry Resumes

Interests and Line of Work:
Since science is a vast field, merely mentioning it will not be enough to highlight your interests. You need to mention the specific fields of science, such as Chemistry, that do justice to your passion and inclination.

Future Aims:
In case if you have accomplished some major research in the field of Chemistry, then mention it under the title of Achievements in your Chemistry Resume. It is important to mention the collaboration with the University or other individuals that you have shared your achievements with.

Conclude your Chemistry Resume with at least three references of people who have worked with you and are all praises about your work.