Are you in search of a job? Do you think you may be a good recruitment consultant? There is a boom in recruitment industry all over the world despite of recession in all other industries. So you have made an excellent choice to join the recruitment industry as your first career role. You may look for your bright future here.

Before choosing a recruitment agency for you to join, you need to know a lot about the industry. There are different type of recruitment agencies and these play different type of roles in offering their services in the industry. I am explaining here some of the major differences between them for your guidance.

Choosing a Recruitment Agency May Be a Tough Task

Some recruitment agencies are called international recruitment agencies as they have wide approach globally in many countries. They have established their offices in many countries for their operation. You may have to undergo some training courses before joining any of them. But you have many opportunities to show your talent internationally for having a progressive career.

The international recruitment agencies give you apt chances to travel abroad. You will have to choose one of the roles out of many available with them like a role of consultant, an account manager or business developer. It all depends upon your capabilities and academic qualifications or expertise.

Choosing a Recruitment Agency May Be a Tough Task

Some recruitment agencies in the industry will find with a single office but multiple sector agencies. You may be given the role of in charge of a recruitment sector in this type of company. This sector may vary from the original specialized recruitment sector of the company.

In this type of recruitment agency, you may have to play autonomous role as business developer or and as a resource manager. You will be liable to make placements in the market. You will be responsible for most of recruitment and placement processes. You may be provided some short training for the purpose or you may be advised to contact your seniors for help whenever you need.

You may also find some contract recruitment agency offering a very different type of recruitment role. The jobs in these types of agencies require a more accountability. You will have to satisfy both, your client and job seekers. Your clients may be from many different fields that need workers on contract like nurses, teachers or security guards. You may have to arrange for them at a short notice.

Choosing a Recruitment Agency May Be a Tough Task

If you want to set up your own recruitment agency and want to join some for the sake of gaining some experience, then you must join small and specialist recruitment agencies. These agencies have a small staff and often managed by any former consultant from the recruitment industry.

So you must join a recruitment agency according to your needs, ambitions and capabilities.