Contrary to the general perception, a clerical job entails a lot of attention to details. A clerical job includes the maintenance of paper work, files, and looking after the day-today working of a given organisation. The most effective way of handling any process depends on the efficiency of the clerical department. In order to have a Clerical resume you need to highlight your preference for paper work.

Clerical Resumes

Clerical Resume Key Words:

  • Maintenance of Files
  • Efficiency in paper work
  • Multi-tasking
  • Efficient management
  • Monitoring Processes

Clerical Resume Format:
Presentation is the core feature of your resume. It makes the substance of the resume appealing enough to be read. Make sure that you have the same font and size throughout the resume. In case if there is a sub-title, then make it bold or highlight the same.

Clerical Resumes

The first thing is to mention your full name, permanent residential address, and all your contact details. It must also include your current and working telephone numbers, along with your email address. Do mention if there is any specific timing on which you’ll be available on phone. Mention the number of years that comprise of your experience in the field of clerical jobs and tasks.

Clerical Resume Academic Background:
There is no set degree that is required for having a clerical job. Most of the companies prefer the basic graduate degree. Mention your achievements of extra-curricular activities as they give you an advantage of having multitude of interests.

Clerical Resumes

Clerical Resume Work Experience:
The greater the numbers of years that constitute your work experience in the field of clerical jobs, the better are your chances of getting the desired job. In case if you are a fresher, then you can mention your strong inclination towards paper work and other related job functioning of a clerk. Outline your work experience from the starting years, i.e. right after your college, till your current job. Your job profile should mention the tasks that you have handled. Display a keen sense of multi tasking and efficiency in carrying out the processes of a given department. The clerical or the administration department is important for any given organisation- be it governmental or private, and colleges. Every sector of any industry needs a strong clerical department that speeds the processes. An efficient department is the one that performs the clerical functions with expertise. Mention the various tasks that you have performed in your previous organisations.

Clerical Resumes

After the work experience, mention your salary – what you earned in your last job, and what you expect in the prospective organisation. If possible, chalk out your job expectations too, so that the prospective employers have a clear insight into your demands.

Clerical Resume Conclusion:
Conclude with at least two contact references, i.e. people with whom you have worked and those who have liked your capabilities. Mention a general declaration that the information you have mentioned in your Clerical Resume is true to your knowledge.

Admin Clerical Resume Tutorial

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