Those who have a passion for computers are usually known as geeks. The companies that hire computer programmers look for people who are thorough professionals and are dedicated towards their craft. They must also be deadline oriented. In the recent times, the demand for quality computer professionals has sky rocketed, and this demand will always be there as computers have become the requirement for every industry.

Computer Programmer Resumes Key Words:

  1. Passion for Computers
  2. Interest towards Software Programming
  3. Hardworking
  4. Deadline Oriented
  5. Vast knowledge of various recent programs

Computer Programmer Resume

Computer Programming Resumes Format:
You need to have a uniform font and size throughout your resume. You need to highlight the sub-titles of the resume such as Work experience, Academic Background, etc. The factual information needs to be displayed in a very crisp manner. Mention the following details:

  • your full name,
  • the position applied for,
  • total number of experience,
  • residential address
  • preferred location
  • contact numbers
  • email address

Computer Programmer Resume

Then mention the sub title of Academic record. This category should boast of your vast educational background in the sphere of computers and programming. If you have done a diploma in certain programming courses, then mention the same. If you have a technical post graduate degree, then specify the area of expertise or specialisation. It is recommended that your academic background should display a strong inclination towards computer programming and knowledge in software application.

Your work experience will be the most important category in your entire resume. Your prospective employees will be looking at the kind of experience that you have had and the type of job profile that you have been exposed to. In case if there are some programs in which you are expert at, then mention them as your key strengths in the area of work. Be honest as you outline the details of your work record. In case if you are a fresher just out of college then highlight the areas that interest you in the field of programming and make sure that you apply to the companies that can be your potential employers.

Computer Programmer Resume

You need to be well aware of the current industry standards for remuneration. Mention the current salary that you are drawing. Be honest while mentioning the same, as the prospective employer may ask for the salary slips of your previous company, for records and confirmation. Also, mention the package that you are expecting. Make sure that your expected salary is justified and rewards your existing capabilities.

Computer Programmer Resume Conclusion:
As a concluding part, provide the contact references of a minimum of two people who have known you professionally. These people should not be fictional as most of your prospective employers may run down a check on your professional background. These references must have a positive feedback about your working capacity and more importantly, your work. If you are a fresher, then mention the names of your Head of Department (HoD) or a professor who knows you, or who has been your guide for several projects in your college.