Are you going to conduct an interview? Are you in the process of selecting some suitable candidates for the positions in your company or office? Are you a correspondent of an established daily or a monthly magazine? What the case may be, here are some important aspects of conducting an interview.

Conducting an interview is not easy as it seems to be. You have to judge the qualities of interviewee in very short time period. You have to know his strengths and weaknesses of the person sitting in front of you. If you do not know how to conduct an interview effectively, the interview process will become a funny process and the candidates may start disregard you also.

Conducting an Interview

This is not only a process where the qualities of an interviewee are recognized, but also the candidates being interviewed may also be aware of your weaknesses. So be cautious before conducting the process and prepare your self to conduct the interview in very organized way.

When you are conducting an interview, you should be much clear about the motive of the interview. Is the interview being conducted is for a job position, or for publishing purpose or is it a part of any ongoing survey. You will have to conduct survey accordingly although the process remains almost same for all the purpose of the interview, there may be certain minute differences.

Conducting an Interview

You should get an appointment of the person you are intending to interview. The interview process should not be conducted in hurry. So it will be good to co-operate with the interviewee in terms of date and time.
Be on your sit in time. Being late or advance will show your slackness in your profession. Introduce yourself to the interviewee and convey him about the motive of interview.

Try to make the interviewee relaxed by lighter things so that he may get rid of any nervousness if any before the interview. You should properly know about the academic qualification and other backgrounds of the interviewee. For the purpose you must go through his resume well in advance. You may note down the probable questions, you are going to ask. This will boost your confidence and will help in building a healthy relationship with the interviewee.

Conducting an Interview

Give interviewee proper chance and time to provide his opinion on the topic you started. Listen to him carefully and you will be able to judge his strengths in the meantime. You should appreciate him, if you liked his views. Your questions should be well to the point so that interviewee can understand it well and answer accordingly. Faint questions will make think him negative about you. You may clear your doubts about any questions by asking again.

You should finish the interview process well in time by eliminating the less important and redundant questions and in the last do not forget to thank the interviewee for his precious time.