Construction is one of the core activities in the real estate sector. It is one of the most rewarding career choices and at the same time it is extremely demanding too, when it comes to time, expertise, knowledge and energy. A lot of activities go hand in hand to ensure that construction process happens smoothly. You need to have a strong sense of understanding realty and property related laws and other information in your Construction Resume.

Construction Resume Key words:

  • Real Estate knowledge
  • Efficiency in carrying out challenging activities
  • Deadline oriented
  • Vast Experience
  • Exposure to different sectors and projects
  • Information on Infrastructure
  • Keen sense of Property development laws

Construction Resumes

Construction Resume Format:
The format needs to be legible and full of substance. You need to provide the following details in this format:

  1. Full name,
  2. residential address
  3. preferred location
  4. contact numbers
  5. email address
  6. Key skills
  7. Aim
  8. Total number of experience in Construction business

Construction Resumes

Construction Resume Academic Record:
After mentioning the factual details, proceed on to provide a summary on your academic status. You need to mention the name of the degree, or qualification, the name of the school, college or institute and the year in which that degree was awarded to you. The standard requirement that the prospective employees look for in a Construction resume is a Bachelors in Architecture and/ or an MBA, or a diploma in such allied sectors. A need of qualification can be replaced by unusual and diverse experience in the Construction business.

Construction Resume Work Experience:
You need to provide a sub-title of your designation along with the company or the firm with which you have worked before, and the tenure of the same. Describe your job profile, and the series of tasks that have been handled by you in that particular category. If possible, provide the photographs of your projects and assignments that you have handled. Mention the different spheres of your work activity as that would highlight your diverse experience. Construction activity affects a lot of industry sectors and you need to mention your expertise in one of these industry sectors, i.e. building airports, residential complexes, malls, infrastructure related projects, etc. If you have had experience in all of these, then you must specify the same. This will let your prospective employers have a clear idea as far as your core competency is concerned.

Construction Resumes

After the work experience mention the package that you were drawing in your last job. Also mention the expected salary. Always remember that whatever package you are expecting must match your experience or the skill that you command. In simple words, it must be justified.

State two of your contact references from where your prospective employers can find out about your professional background. Make sure that these references have something positive to talk about your work.

Conclude saying that all the above information that you have stated is very much true to your knowledge. Sign the resume and mention the date and place too. This little piece of information goes a long way in highlighting just how updated your resume is.