In today’s market, selling of any kind of products that could be chips liked by the children and Mercedes Benz cars, have to depend on eye catching advertisements. Now a days advertisement of any product has become mandate and for this manufacturing companies are ever ready to spend crores of rupees. There are lots of companies which have increased their sales volume or turnover by having good and attractive advertisements.

Now the question is who are those people who design or write these advertisements, the answer is copy writers, in earlier days these copy writer were limited to working for publishing companies but now their work is recognized and demand for them is there from different kind of fields, importantly there is huge opportunity for Advertising companies, Electronic media.

Copy Writing: Career Information

Available copy writing courses

Copy writing courses are now offered in training in different languages, anybody who is either Intermediate or holding bachelor degree certificate are eligible to take up this copy writing course. Generally these courses are three months certificate course, six months certificate course offered as diploma courses.

Platforms of opportunities and Designations

Platforms of opportunities and Designations

Initially the aspiring copy writers can look for opportunities as junior copy writers in publishing companies, advertising companies, Website developing companies and Print media. After gaining certain period of experience and based on their work efficiency they can be promoted as senior copy writers, Visualizes or internet copy writer.
Free lancing: Copy writers can also work as free lancers, there are certain companies which are medical transcription and business process outsource companies popularly known as BPO which are offering work contract to free lancers. The main responsibilities of BPO’s are compiling and give shape and structure to the documents provided by their associated companies.

Platforms of opportunities and Designations

Required Skills:

  1. Good command on language i.e. read write and understand the languages thoroughly.
  2. Good communication skills i.e. one should have good command on vocabulary of the language.
  3. Creativity i.e. should be able to analyze the given concept exhaustively.
  4. Along with the above mentioned qualities one should also possess courage to handle work pressures that is completing the given work in the stipulated time and willingness and patience to work for long hours continuously.

Salaries or Remuneration

Somebody who is at the first level of the company i.e. trainees can are offered salary of ten thousand rupees and who has experience are offered salary of twenty thousand rupees per month.