Cover letter are the business cards of candidates. Anyone who uses phrases, gets lost in the crowd with his appliccation. A pattern or template can help you cover letter.

Cover letter (Pattern 2016): Here you should represent their own strengths.

The cover letter is the first work sample that gets to see the company in which you are applying from you – and especially important for it.

The recruiter wants to get a picture of you, in order to decide whether you fit the training place. Say goodbye to the cover letter therefore of phrases that everyone uses, and instead put your personal strengths to the fore.

A bad example of a cover letter

In our sample cover letter (Click image to enlarge), we show you an example of your letter of Laura, who would like to complete a training as a photographer, how the most common mistakes in your letter can be avoided.

Although Laura mentioned in their covering letter  some of their skills and experience. Nevertheless, one can still improve a lot:

1. Name and address are not enough as contact details – here belong there also e-mail address and telephone number or mobile number. Think about also if you do not want to specify your address in the form of a header – which looks good and gives the application a little more personal touch.

2. Contact is missing! Attempts to find out who is responsible for the applications received and set your cover letter directly to that person. Take your spell the name, if you’re unsure about the spelling.

3. The subject should be, what kind of education you seek, and where you saw the job posting (called medium and date!).

4. misspellings do not go in your letter! It read: “apply to you” “with great interest” and.

5. What has happened since last year? This phrase indicates a gap
in the resume that you have to explain. The recruiter might think otherwise, that you have one year situated on the lazy.

6. The phrase “learned a lot” is inaccurate. The HR is not a clairvoyant
– he needs concrete information about what you have learned where.

7. What has the license to do with flexibility? What is meant here rather mobility. In letter of application you should at every word ask: What do I really want to say?

8 If you want to present yourself as a “team player” and “resilient”, you have to prove by you explain where and when you put your teamwork and resilience already demonstrated these qualities.Otherwise, the terms remain empty words.

9 The double use of the word “would” makes the sentence bumpy and gives him a submissive Touch. In cover letter a bit more confident might safely be formulated.

10th Under the name must today Although not all plants (as CV, certificates, etc.) are listed separately. But the word “equipment” as an indication should not be ignored.

Writing cover letter: So you do it right

Cover letter (Pattern 2015): Here you should represent their own strengths.

On the right side of the image you can find Laura’s revised covering letter.

It has set itself with the photo studio in conjunction before sending their application and was able to contain a personal reference in the letter.

In addition, the misspellings were repaid. By mentioning the trip to the USA Laura makes it clear what she started between leaving school and applying with their time.

At the same time it uses the trip specifically to underpin their resilience and flexibility. She explained where she learned what (photography course, photography contest) and lends her skills by credibility.

The last paragraph is clear why Laura competes in photo studio lens. This is like Mr. Meyer. After all, who wants to hire already someone, who do not care where he does his training?

What everything belongs in the cover page of the application

The cover page of the application provides a great way to stand out visually. But what belongs to the deck sheet? In any case, a particularly good application photo.
The cover page of the application is a good way, right at the beginning to score because recruiters usually get a lot of applications. Within a short time they decide on which stack is the application. Cover with an online application?

Where part towards the cover sheet of the application?

If you provide your application with a cover page, then the cover is in the first place the application documents. Before the cover is only is the cover letter, the loose of the application portfolio is however settled.

Order in the application
1. Cover letter (loose)
2. application portfolio with:
Cover Page
– CV
– Certificates / diplomas
– Samples of work (if required)


What is put on the cover page of the application?

1. The job title
in the upper area of the A4 page, the job title, so what do you apply, or the company or a combination of both called. Here are some examples of formulations:

Application documents for Muster AG in Zurich
Application as a marketing assistant at the pattern GmbH Zurich
Application documents for Muster AG Zurich
desired activity Marketing Assistant
Application documents for Muster AG Zurich as a marketing assistant





2. The application photo
if you opt for a cover page, you must be aware that your photo on a much greater effect than on the resume. Because on the cover are not much additional information as the CV.

The best way to scan a picture. If necessary, you can also stick the picture, but in the digital age, it works naturally better scanned directly. This also applies to a written application.

Place your photo in the middle or at the bottom, so that it acts in harmony for the viewer. Remember that you can print the cover sheet on a high quality printer, otherwise your picture is possibly unprofessional.

If you use a larger picture must his picture really convincing. Because the more a picture, the greater the attention that gets the picture. In addition, you see the facial expressions more accurately. In your facial features .

3. Contact your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to follow in the lower portion of the topsheet. Make sure that it works and write everything with each other clearly.

Extra tip
What everything belongs in the cover page of the applicationIf your photo is already visible on the cover, remove it in your CV. This can namely go quickly forgotten. And the recruiter is certainly not twice impressed, the more often your photo will appear in the application. Adjust the formatting in your resume in order to fill the empty space.






Writing cover letter in English

Cover letter in EnglishThe application in the English-speaking world is different from the Swiss application not only in the language. Content and structure, it is already at the letter some things to consider.

When applying in the English-speaking world, we distinguish between a job in the US and a job in the UK. We first present the differences in the cover letter.

US letter GB-letter
Address Your address is located on the top right. Your address is located on the top left.
dates If the distance from a line under your address right.
July 15, 2010
If the distance from a line under your address left.
15 July 2010
location Before the date is no location information. Before the date is no location information.
subject line Left-aligned or centered between recipient address and salutation. Two lines after the salutation, before the beginning of the letter text.
salutation Mr. or Ms. Mr or Ms
(no point!)


Job Title

Write the job title and large note that the Article deleted. Designate the source where you found the job announcement.

This is often important for human resource managers to review their recruitment strategies. Ex .: Application for the position of Public Relations Assistant as advertised in The New York Times on November 10

Direct translation

Would you like to be able to save time, you can directly translate your application. Here you can see the price for your translation in translation agency Translation Probst calculate directly .

Convinced your resume with cover letter and resume, you floodgates to your dream job are wide open. In order to use most of this opportunity with your application, we have prepared templates created. You will find each a pattern for a cover letter and a resume.

Cover letter template: As formulated, the third page?

Cover letter template: As formulated, the third page?Granted, to grasp their own motivation in words is not easy. Especially if it is not to sound authentic to self-congratulation and still. to give yourself this trouble, but worthwhile.

Because the letter of motivation is both one of the most meaningful and creative elements of an application.

After all, there is, as mentioned above, for the cover letter no formal requirements. You can formulate completely free it so.

This is also true for the design of writing.Here now two variants have been established:

  1. Example cover letter - flowing text

    Cover letter in the body text

    In this variant, the individual contents are initially divided into paragraphs and then written as a continuous text. The letter gets even more letter character, but also lost a bit of clarity.

    Short paragraphs will help readers to better orient.Likewise, if you divide the paragraphs by greased stitch marks or use subheads.

  2. Example cover letter -tabularCover letter as a bullet

    In this form you waive long sentences, but work with keywords and relevant stimulus words.

    Advantage: The contents can be detected quickly, the author does not have to necessarily formulate brilliant.

    Disadvantage: The letter seems impersonal and as from the text block box. It is crucial in this case to use terms or enumerations, which are individually, not hackneyed and meaningful.

Of course, mixed forms are also possible. As I said: The one right pattern does not exist, however, a few recommendations on which you can refer to it to make a total of more convincing. So first things first …

A short and scarce cover letter

The cover letter should meet at least three criteria: it must be concise, contain the necessary information and arouse sympathy when recruiters. Because the cover letter is the first thing that keeps the recruiter you in his hands.

evidence requirements that must fulfill, in CV

Each job advertisement contains a wealth of requirements . The actual 100% fulfilled a candidate’s requirements, is not very likely. Therefore, create a ranking of the requirements of the job advertisement.

Once a “must” is used in a request, you should precisely this necessarily discuss them in the cover letter and can demonstrate in your resume with your qualifications and experience.

The address in the cover letter

Anonymous phrases like “Dear Sirs” come not well received by HR managers. If you can not find a direct contact in the job advertisement, you can research on the company’s website.

Otherwise call quietly to the company and inquire about the charge. Then you can make the same a few questions from the advertised listing in the best case.

In addition, you have thus equal to the perfect start for your letter: You refer to the call and are grateful for the information you have received.

to arouse interest

Awaken at the beginning of the Application Briefs interest among recruiters. Gather in advance information on the company and link them advantageously. You can – depending on the information – Write quiet about the fact that you:

  • find the corporate culture outstanding
  • the company want to support the entry into a new market
  • As a customer appreciate the company’s products
  • appreciate that the company is the market leader

The language

Spray it in your cover letter optimism! Look in your formulations on writing possible in the indicative, ie “I want, I can, I am applying, I’m sure.”

Formulations in the subjunctive seem unconvincing, so avoid “I’d like to, I might, I try, I tried.” Short, crisp sentences are easier for the recruiter to read: Therefore, the rule, a sentence should not be longer than two lines.

The end

In the event, it will be required in the job advertisement salary, you can rename this in the final section. You should also be notified of when you stand for the vacant position available.

As a final part is suitable, for example: “I look forward to a personal conversation. For further information I am at your phone or e-mail. “Do not forget that letter to sign. In an online application , insert your scanned signature.

After the cover letter of your resume follows in the application folder. Tips and tricks, see the following list.

The letter of motivation in the application

By letter of motivation to do the most difficult. What should I write, so I impress the recruiters?

letter of motivation
In a letter of motivation your affinity should definitely be noticeable to the company.

The golden rule in the cover letter is: If possible no pabulum wants glad: Send me merely no standardized cover letter to various companies. Go in your cover letter instead prefer personally to the company.

What is a cover letter?

Thus the term motivation letter does not provide for ambiguity: meaning the cover letter. Others refer to the letter of motivation as a letter – all terms mean here but the same thing: It’s about the first page of the application.

What I write in the letter of motivation

Try to represent a connection between you and the company in your cover letter. This underestimate the most. Impress with information or with motivation: You can, for example in the letter of motivation and make equal a proposal, what would you tackle with your energy..
research Company information
Information, get best of the company’s website. You may have taken but also the media that the company XY wants to increase in just the area for which you want to apply.

Why do I fit the corporate culture?

Most companies have anchored on its website and its own values. Look at them closely and decide if they fit the corporate culture. If you think that you embody these values, then you can mention in the cover letter. Very important: Do not forget the reasons, why, for example, these values are important to you..
note keywords in ad
Finally, you should focus on the most important keywords in the adreceived. So if  is necessarily required a certain training, then you should mention in the cover letter that you bring exactly this conclusion (assuming you have it in fact).