The customer service is also known as client service which makes it as clear service to the customers before, during and after purchase of a product or service. It varies on product, industry and customer itself. A customer who is well aware of the product may require comparatively less pre purchase service than a new one. It is found that customer service is more needed if the purchase is a service as opposed to a product. Customer service is provided for such a competitive advantage and is handled by a person (e.g. sales and service representative or by means of an automated self service), and it is an integral part of company’s short and long term visualisation.

As the name suggests the customer service is predominantly based on soft skills though the hard skills are the back bone of the service. As you are aware the soft skills refers to your skill on human aspects i.e. how best you deal with the people or the customer we may say. Your approach, your expression and your eagerness to assist will play a lasting impact or any of your dealings. Your hard skill i.e. the proficiency of the technical aspects will be handy and supplement your over all effort. So if you are aspiring for a customer service job you can not go without the firm grip of both the skills. Yes, a little upper hand on soft skills.

Customer Service Resumes

So you will well appreciate that there will be intense competition for a position in customer service because of the simple reason that most of us are capable of having soft skills but only varying in degrees. So naturally we can not afford to have a resume simply based on the filling of spaces under the headings, but it has to be unique in all respects. The employer or the evaluator has to be picking up your resume separately amongst the number of other resumes. This will be possible not only with good quality papers and printing but with good presentation of facts.

Let us see the basic headings of a resume i.e.

  1. Name and communication details
  2. Educational qualifications
  3. Experience
  4. Special points if any
  5. References.

We are not going to simply fill up the details in the appropriate places, but we are going to make it unique as far as our justification goes.

First let us take the communication details. No doubt it is vital information. It has to be on the top left hand corner of the first page. You may write this as single line, but it is preferred to write in straight line and align it as centre. Again we have to insert this detail on the top of each page of the resume. The reason is simple, we expect that the evaluator of your resume is a busy person scanning many resumes and if he finds something interesting on page 3, he can immediately pick up the receiver and dial you for more details or invite you for an interview without going back to the first page. A small gesture of concern but it may go a long way, I assure you.

Customer Service Resumes

The next step is not a paragraph head but a statement, which we may call as an OBJECTIVE. Normally an objective in a resume is expressed in a personal way for e.g. “want to grow in a competitive atmosphere”. Please do not make your objective in this manner, your objective have to be about what you want to become to be most useful to the organisation. On seeing this objective the employer has to feel that you are a matured, self confident and down to earth person. I can bet my last penny that if your objective is clear and confident that half the competition is over for your dream position.

Let us examine few of the selected OBJECTIVES;


These are some of the examples and you have to write it in capital letters, though writing in capital letters is considered as arrogant, but when you are confident about this why not a little arrogant with a polite offer of your best talent? You know, most people who truly had a positive impact on people were others centred and not self centred.

Now let us think about the second paragraph, it is the educational details, but for our preparation we may replace it with the experience. For customer relations job the employer will like to have more concern with your exposure, so prepare the experience here. You may show the latest exposure to be the first with clear details of date and organisation and then to the next latest and finally on your first assignment. You have to quantify your contribution to the organisation and it is easy for you to do that in a job of customer service.

Customer Service Resumes

On the third paragraph please give the details of your educational qualifications. If you have a good track record by all means show it, starting from the secondary level onwards. On the other hand if you feel that you are having only average background, still no problems, it is your exposure and earnestness that matters most.

The fourth aspect is the special points. Your eligibility may not be confined to your qualifications only for a job in customer relations. You might have proved your ability to organise your college union (be careful not to press on your political leanings), your society or any other organisation, or membership. All these facts, you may make sure to highlight.

Finally the references, this may not be necessary at this stage, unless the employer asks for it. When you give the references please make sure to get the permission before hand.

A job in customer relations is very satisfying and challenging. At the end of the day you will get a feeling that a job well done. So go ahead a bright career is waiting for you. Please make sure to forward your resume with an appropriate covering letter.