Content and structure

For a convincing application in English reaches a mere translation of your German CV is not enough.

Because the English CV or Curriculum Vitae, called in the US also Resume or Résumé, has its own form: Photos are taboo, and it is less about yourself than about your job-related experience.

Option 1 for the English CV: reverse chronological order

The “reverse chronological” CV contains the same information as a German, but in reverse order. This means you start with your current activities and work your way back into the past (see example on ). The arrangement of the sections, so as Education or Professional Experience is variable.

The “reverse chronological” CV makes sense if your Berufweg proceeded linearly, ie without major breaks or fractures.

Entrants should the section Education put in first place, to emphasize the recent study section. As in German CV applies: less is more. Limit yourself to the information that is relevant for the company.

Particularly important are the successes that you could previously recorded.

Curriculum vitae form

Option 2: functional English CV

Have you worked in several positions with a similar object field, which provides “functional” resume (see example on ). They allow you to emphasize different skills by you split your skills in different categories. Gaps or vary your posture can be dubbed with this version.

Version 3 of the CV in English: combined

The third option is a mixture of the first two variants: the “combined” CV (see example on ). They allow you to initially emphasize your job-related knowledge and skills and then perform your work experience chronologically.

CV, Resume, Curriculum Vitae?

The content and structure of a good CVLike your resume is, depends on whether you wrote it in the UK or the US and what purpose ( “normal” application or for academic purposes) it serves:

  • UK: Curriculum Vitae
  • USA: (Personal) Resume (also Résumé written). Exception: academic applications. There’s Curriculum Vitae, CVor Vita.


  • UK: 1-2 pages
  • USA: Resume: A side; Curriculum Vitae / CV / Vita: Since the academic CV includes publications and scientific awards, he may be quiet for longer than a page.


  • United Kingdom: “Curriculum Vitae”
  • USA: The CV does not receive title. From your “personal details” (see next section), you create a custom page header.

Photo and personal data: Personal Details

  • First and Last Name
  • Address / Phone / Mobile / E-mail address
  • Renounce photo, information on age, marital status, religion and origin. Background are the strict laws against discrimination.

Objective: Job/Career Objective (optional)

  • In which position you want to work?
  • What you want to achieve in your new job?
  • What do you expect from a business?

 Profile: Personal Profile/Summary (optional)

Short (two- to three-line) Asking your person, your characteristics, experiences and skills.

Answer the question: What are my main skills and experience for the job to be awarded?

Professional experience: Work / Professional Experience

Here you specify you both employment and internships.Tools for your extraordinary CV

  • Full name of company, location
  • Exact professional or task name
  • Period of employment
  • Call the main achievements ( Achievements ), about awards and successfully drawn on land jobs if they fit about this position. You can also in a separate sub-item Achievements & Accomplishments perform everything suggests special commitment.

High / education, training: Education

  • Name of university, field / fields, subject of the thesis, touch (only if it is good), Title
  • Name of the school and the school type, location, financial statements, note (so)
  • Primary school as in German CV omit
  • Give only developments that are relevant for the intended job. Did you gaps in your CV, you can training but also use it to close it.

Other skills: Additional skills

  • Languages, Level (see the note translation USA – DE on and note translation UK – DE on )
  • Computer skills, Level
  • License (if relevant to the job)

Hobbys: Personal Interests/Activities

  • Sport
  • Kultur
  • Others

List the hobbies and interests that qualify for your future job and arouse interest.

References: References

The conclusion of the resume form two referees with full contact. These people should know you and be willing to give-back information. Alternatively, you can offer, nachzureichen References on request: “References available on request”. However, what is the better option, it are the ghosts.

Additional tips:

  • Ä, ü, ö and ß dissolve!
  • Use Action Verbs instead nouns ( “established xy” instead of “establishment of xy”)
  • Date and signature at the end of the resume are not common.

    Outstanding CV: These 7 tools you have not thought of!

    Course Your CV will stand out from the other candidates. How about with an exceptional CV, to which you herausstichst?
    Make the most of but one of the myriad tools on the web, in order to create your unique CV!

    7 Tools for your extraordinary CV:

    Google Maps
    Have you ever thought to create your CV with Google Maps? One can make his own map and add points. For example, you would set where did you go to school, what university you attended or where you have completed an internship abroad. An example you can check out here or read more about. Or Create your own map equal.

    You can also use Youtube or a create Video to apply. Still an example and one more thing.
    Conversely, one can avail a video also terminate to. 😉

    You know determines the short, repetitive video. Even so, you create a unique application, see ‘themselves. To find out more you can read here.
    The best Vines were collected here. 🙂

    One can his resume on a board on Pinterest create. For tips on can be found here.
    I have just a funny example found for a resume on Pinterest ! Why not try it?

    Other tools,
    which you can use for your extraordinary CV: Flickr, Instagram or Twitter.
    So far I could not find sample resumes with these tools. Be thou the or the first!
    But someone has shared his passion on Instagram and get a job! Things can move fast! 🙂

    CV – 3 new tools with which you create it can

    A current resume you always need when you’re on the job hunt. And it would be best if he good – if not impressive – looks! I have made myself on the search for the latest tools, with which one can create his resume.Three, I will introduce you briefly:

    Three new tools to help you create your CV can

    sumry – interactively, looks good, useful tracking
    What occurred to me was the first to – cooler CV! It is a mixture of the old-fashioned paper resume as we know it and portfolio pages such asDribbble or Behance. But the best is: you can apply from the program via email and will be informed immediately if the recipient of your application it is open! Bewerbungs tracking! (Times the other way around, no applicant tracking). We know, at least, whether the application has been received and has anyone noticed. And when you see that it was not open and you get a standard rejection, it is at least not so depressing.If the recruiter had opened the application, they would have him like it! 😉 For sumry there is a free version (the branding of the company sumry then remains to be seen). If you want to get rid of the branding and more features want, you can charge upgrade to a different version. – styles, PDF Download, tracking is also a tool with which you can create a digital resume. At first glance, the CV shown as an example looks now not as impressive. But there are some compelling facts: One can different designs choose, you can his resume also download a PDF and there is a tracking ability. This means that you can see exactly how many times your resume is viewed and clicked it was. This tool is generally chargeable.

    resumonk– classic, several variants are possible
    Here you get a few templates for pretty standard-looking resumes. Could be useful if you have a standard CV needs. Basically, this tool is free. But you have to pay something to get rid of the branding resumonk. On something unfortunately often leads it only when one is in the process of creating already in the middle. Either one can be the logo simply it or you paid for it to remove it.
    (Why the company would like to have their branding on your CV? You for sending him to many companies and maybe even friends, so you spread your brand and make almost a bit of advertising for her.)

    Here are a few tips, how to a make modern CV can (interactive, social,…). For example, describes what font you use it.

    And if you a looking for job at a startup, then check perhaps quite practical: So you can your send the same resume to several startups. sees your resume to, evaluated him and sends him as in a newsletter startups that are just looking for employees.

    Wait! Before you abschickst your CV, could you feedback from others get to, namely You upload your CV here and others can tell you their opinion. The system is based on reciprocity. The more resumes you watch and rate this, the more often your resume is looked uponand you get more feedback. It is also a convenient way to see how other make their resumes. Perhaps one can abschauen something is yes! 😉

    Apply ‘you with a infographic CV

    We love photos pictures us because we process easily can. So why not to make resume visually appealing and as infographic represent?

    5 tools with which you can easily create an infographic CV:
    from your Linkedin profile is a visually appealing infographic created. An example of how this will look like, is there also shown the same.
    Even with you transform your Linkedin profile in an infographic.Looks also not bad! What others have done so, you can have view on Pinterest.

    With vizify you can make a CV or a biography based on different account: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Foursquare. Is very fast and is something different. (Edit: Was taken off the grid, unfortunately a few days ago.)

    With Resumup you your CV via Facebook or Linkedin create, you can also see all the information even enter and will not have to connect with an account.

    to also a tool to an infographic Create resume. But I find not as appealing as the others mentioned above.

    If you wish to use any of the tools, but still create an infographic CV want:
    With info gram and piktochart ‘s easy to customize any infographics, including a resume. With info gram is a little simpler and faster, but you can not so much to decide and adjust itself. How’s just rather have!

    The Basics to an infographic create resume, pros and cons and other tips you’ll find on this page.

    Another tool to ensure it stands out your CV : resumebaker (but not free).

    And finally, something to marvel:
    This most visually appealing and playful application makes me happy, very inspiring, what you can do!