CV example of event-manager

Andrew Mathewson
City: Orsk.
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1982.
Contact: hidden author resume – and can be reached by internal mail site.
Suggestions for future work
Position:. Event-manager
Industry: Marketing, Advertising, PR.
The salary (minimum): 30000 rbl.
Schedule: Full day.
Experience 1-3 years

LLC “*****”
from December 2005 to present time Position: PR-manager

Job responsibilities:

  • organizing and conducting a variety of event-actions, from concept to monitoring reviews in the media;
  • establishing relationships with the media;
  • development and launch of projects for information support of the company’s activities, the support and development resources (corporate newspaper, company website);
  • custom souvenirs;
  • writing advertising texts, slogans;
  • work with nightlife.

The most important achievements:

  • organization and holding of “SMARTS” promotion series for cellular companies – work as a creative writer and organizer;
  • organizing and conducting a series of promotions for the company “Beeline”;
  • organizing and conducting presentation software company “Consultant Plus” (Saransk) – development concept of the event;
  • holding republican “Student Day” with the support of the Government of the Republic of Moldova – work as a creative organizer;
  • organization and holding of the concert “Russian Radio – 5 years, all is well”;
  • and the organization and holding of the festival of electronic music “Russian Ibiza” in Saranske.Uchastie in the organization and conduct of the City Day in Saransk;
  • organizing and conducting a series of promotions in Obzor (Bulgaria).

LLC “*****”, a nightclub,
from October 2005 to the present time Position: Art-manager

Job responsibilities:

  • creating ideas and concepts places, the definition of club format. Development and implementation of club activities (writing scripts, selection of artists, design, supervision of the program);
  • advertising and promotional activities;
  • advertising support, to attract new customers.
Professional skills
I have good knowledge in the areas of marketing, the theory of special events, the basic technical knowledge

I am able to:

Plan external and internal company event
Organize an event from planning to performance analysis, including:

  • definition of the target group;
  • Search the site for the event, search for contractors, artists, teh.personala;
  • definition of the event budget and controlling compliance him;
  • the timing of work and drawing up the lists of the necessary equipment;
  • personnel management, segregation of duties and control over their execution;
  • the development of souvenirs, advertising and other related products;
  • monitoring the preparation and conduct;
  • the organization of work with the media;
  • assess the success of the event.

I have the experience of writing self-advertising texts and slogans.
Fluent personal computer, knowledge of Windows software package, Microsoft Office, Internet.Education Main – higher
Mordovia State University. NPOgareva (higher education), from 1999 to 2004
Occupation: Radio engineerForeign languages English Intermediateadditional information I have a passport and a driving license category B.
It is possible to travel.
I am ready to nonstandard schedule.A man versed in the business, able to establish contact, understanding and feelings of people. Extensive experience in the organization of non-standard and original activities and events!

CV example in english

Alison Lee

Date of Birth: May 25, 1986
, the st. Long, 104 square meters. 81
mob. tel. (985) 102-41-59
an e-mail address:

Objective: To obtain the position of advertising manager.

(December 2010 – present) – Manager outdoor advertising company “Prime Group” (sale of advertising space)

Functional responsibilities:

  • support and development of the customer base;
  • processing requests and customer orders;
  • preparation of commercial offers;
  • contracts.


  • It increased its customer base by 2 times during the period of work in the company.

(October 2008 – November 2010) – advertising manager, advertising agency “Motor”,

Functional responsibilities:

  • search and attraction of new customers, work with an existing customer base;
  • development and production of promotional materials;
  • personnel management (control of a copywriter, designer).


  • increased the number of regular customers.

Education: 2003-2008,. – New State University, economic department, specialty “Management”, a master’s degree.

Additional education:

  • October-November 2009
  • Corel Draw courses in the training center “Mikroinform”.

Professional skills: PC user: MsWord, Excel, MS PowerPoint, good knowledge of Corel Draw.

The average level of English proficiency.

Skills advertising in the media. Telephone sales skills.

Skills compilation of presentations and business proposals.

Personal qualities: sociability, responsibility, kindness, dedication, diligence, high efficiency, result-oriented, organization.

Advice will be provided on request.

Marketing CV examples


To make your resume to a hiring manager could get a quality and interest of the employer, take responsibility for its creation, pay attention to professional qualities and skills. Submit it along with a cover letter.

To assist you in preparing an effective resume below is a ready example CV hr manager.

Sample resume  manager

Angela Smith
Date of birth: 11/16/1987 of
residence Address: Ul. Sosinskii, 45, Apt. 79
Telephone: (901) 401-13-45
an e-mail address:

Objective: To use my professional experience, skills and knowledge to the position of personnel manager.

October 2009 – present. time – Human Resources Manager, “Rush” LLC. Industry: Retail and wholesale trade of household chemical goods.

Functional responsibilities:

  • search and recruitment (publishing vacancies on the Internet, search and processing resumes, conducting telephone interviews, primary interviews with candidates, database management);
  • HR administration (reception, translation, dismissal of employees);
  • attestation of personnel;
  • maintaining personnel files;
  • Development of staffing;
  • maintenance schedule employees leave;
  • development of job descriptions.


  • development and implementation of team training;
  • minimizing staff turnover (a decrease of 60% over the period of work in the company).

Education: 2004-2009, Moscow State University.. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Psychology, Major: Psychology, Diploma.

Additional education: March 2011.: Courses “HR outsourcing” training center “Education and Career”, Moscow.

Professional skills: PC user: MsOffice, Consultant +, 1C “Salary and Personnel”, the operational skills of finding information on the Internet.

Personal qualities: ethics, responsibility, poise, communication skills, initiative, organizational ability, high efficiency, self-confidence.

Advice will be provided on request.

Example of a good CV

Sample of a good curriculum vitae

All information of this summary is fictitious, any coincidence accident.

Owen Harrison
Birthday: 12.12.1985 (26 full years)

8 (905) 905-05-05 from 09.00 to 19.00 Cell
8 (495) 495-95-95 from 18.00 to 21.00 home
Residence permit Citizenship of the United States /
check in
CA region

Address space
Lives in:
Sacramento, st. The circular,  15

Purpose: Obtaining the position of “Purchasing Manager”

Education higher
Start date 2004 End of 2008
Institution MSU. Lomonosov
Faculty Graduate School of Contemporary Social Sciences
Profession Manager generalist
Experience The last 3 places of work in order of decreasing

Work period
02.2010 – present
The company “Buttercups-florets”
Position Purchasing Manager
Responsibilities – control filling warehouse, warehouse planning
– Selection of suppliers (best price and conditions), accommodation
– Control of payments;
– Control the timing of shipment of goods, control of movement
– Solution of claim issues with suppliers (payment
non-delivery, etc.)..;
– Quality control.
Work period
07.2008 –
ZAO “Camomile field”
Position Purchasing Manager
Responsibilities – a market study of the product purchased;
– Quality control of the purchased product in accordance with
the required level;
– Tracking the movement of prices on the market;
– Clarification of the reputation of potential suppliers;
– Discussion of the terms of the contract, the terms and conditions of delivery,
transport and customs issues.
Work period
04.2003 –
Company Military Service in the / u number 1234512
City soldier

Marital status – married, having children – no,

level of the PC – advanced user knowledge of Word,
Excel, 1C: «Trade and Warehouse”

Foreign language – English (spoken)

driving license – category B and C, private car,
excellent analytical skills, knowledge of the contractual terms of supply, knowledge
of transport and customs, strong character, able to take
responsible decisions.

Free template for CV

Free template for CV When writing a resume (for example Lawyer), paralegal, in addition to education and experience, due attention should be paid to the key skills and personal qualities.

Professional key lawyer skills to resume

  • knowledge of the legislation;
  • skills of contract work;
  • negotiation skills;
  • skills of the full right to ensure the company’s activities;
  • skills of claims work;
  • skills integrated legal support of the company’s activities;
  • presentation skills of the company’s interests at various levels;
  • skills of drawing up various legal documents.

Personal professional quality lawyer to resume

  • analytic skills;
  • care;
  • goodwill;
  • initiative;
  • intellectual development;
  • diligence;
  • communication skills;
  • logical thinking;
  • observation;
  • bound;
  • a responsibility;
  • integrity;
  • desire for personal growth and development;
  • stress resistance;
  • confidence;
  • perseverance;
  • honesty;
  • emotional stability.

To write an effective resume, correctly and clearly provide all the information, use the following example resume lawyer.

CV examples paralegal, lawyer

Saveliev Yuri Ivanovich
Date of birth: 12/13/1985 of
residence Address: Ul. Svetlov, 67, Apt. 134
Telephone: (903) 124-54-85
an e-mail address:

Objective: obtaining a lawyer.

Experience: November 2010 – present. time – Legal Counsel, LLC “Atmosphere”. Business: Production and sale of agricultural products.

Functional responsibilities:

  • development contracts;
  • training, sight acts of a legal nature;
  • participation in the preparation of legal opinions;
  • consulting staff on legal issues.


  • harmonization of contracts, the optimization of the process of reconciliation.

September 2007 – October 2010 – paralegal, Ltd. “Rosinka”. Industry: Wholesale of soft drinks.

Functional responsibilities:

  • development projects of legal documents;
  • monitoring of legislation, preparation of analytical reports;
  • keeping records of legal documents;
  • solution of legal issues with the local authorities, judicial bodies.

Education: 2002-2007, Institute of International Trade and Law (SCPI), a specialty:. Law, Diploma.

Professional skills: experienced PC user: MS Word, MS Excel, Internet, “Consultant Plus”, “Garant”, knowledge of legislation.

Personal qualities: responsibility, initiative, attention, perseverance, logical thinking, analytical skills.

Advice will be provided on request.

When writing a resume Lawyer You can select the desired resume template, as you may need information, “How to make summary”.

Sending your CV to the employer by e-mail or by fax, do not forget to make a cover letter. You can also attach a letter of recommendation – it will help increase your chances of employment.

 Business CV examples

Sample resume

Age: 22 year

Marital status: Single

Contact Information : Address: 127063, Moscow, Dmitrov Highway 137, Apt. 231
Phone: +7 (972) 134-48-235
the E-mail address:
Purpose : Apply for an interesting job with decent pay and career prospects in the field of economics, banking and logistics.
Education : 2004-2009 – Moscow State University.

Speciality: “Mathematical methods and models in the economy of operations research”

Average record-book 4.0.

2000-2003 – Lyceum of Information Technologies.

Experience and skills : 2007; 2008. “Air Navigation Moscow region”. Trainee (internship):

– Researched analysis of the levels and patterns of development of economic systems and separate processes, found a method of objective assessment, carried out the planning and forecasting of development of industries and enterprises with the use of mathematical methods and information technologies;

– Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the economic activity of the enterprise modern means of analysis and forecasting of economic and financial situations.

skills and interests :
English – intermediate level (translating technical texts and fluent);

Experienced PC user. I work in the programs: COMPASS; AutoCad; ANSYS et al.

I have a driving license category B.

Personal Achievements : The winner of the Olympiad “1C-Career” in Moscow in 2009.

Took 2nd place in the Mathematical Olympiad of Moscow State University, 2005.

I have 1 rank in chess.

Personal qualities : Responsible, easily trained, I have organizational skills. Lead a healthy lifestyle.