Dairy farming is to take care of the milk giving animal like cow and buffalo and packaging of milk and milk products. In recent years people have become more health conscious and demand for hygiene goods and products, one of such products are milk and packaged milk products. This increasing consciousness of the people had given scope for investors, entrepreneurs to invest in dairy farming units. This lead to demand for qualified and skilled human resource. And dairy farming has become a good opportunity for such skilled and qualified people. Someone gets himself qualified or certified in the field of dairy farming will have a good career opportunities.

Dairy Farming: Career Information

Duties and Responsibilities: Designing of dairy farm plant or unit. Designing of equipment and fabrication and looking after the work flow.

Dairy Farming: Career Information

Opportunities: Anybody who is qualified can look for working with government and private sectors, they can look for marketing and production departments in National dairy development board, rural banks and other private milk factories. There are opportunities even in research and training departments also . As per the central agriculture ministry there is about four crores trainers’ requirement across the country.

Dairy Farming: Career Information

Self Employment : One can set up his own small size dairy farm, milk storage plants or ice cream units.
Required Skills : Willingness to live in rural areas, able to work in unscheduled hours and importantly love and care for the animals.

Courses: Diploma, bachelors degree, engineering bachelor etc can pursued.

Just the Job – A Career in Dairy Farming

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