“Who dares wins” – From Risk-Taker to flyer

“Who dares wins” – From Risk-Taker to flyer

With our article “10 Tricks for more success: To be the Wings” we have brought you hopefully closer to your professional goals. My colleague Kayt Sukel, author and science journalist, has now made a particularly exciting observation on the subject: True high-flyer, all have three defining characteristics. Which?

“Nothing ventured nothing gained”

To a successful career always belong added a bit of risk and daring. Although not all risk-takers are also directly to the high-flyer, but the other way around a shoe becomes: Each flyer bear part “risk-takers” in itself. And this has Kayt Sukel in her book “The Art of Risk: The New Science of Courage, Caution, and Chance” * once considered accurate. In this they will wonder how:

  • Is a high degree of risk congenital or acquired?
  • What some people always brings to their limits and go beyond them?
  • What characteristics have risk-takers, which could explain their success?

Your results? Quite unexpectedly!

Is courage to risk the decisive factor?

When you think of a flyer, a hero, a true Superman, what traits would you like to write them? Self-confidence , empathy and courage? Now, in the fairy tale or the impressive flickering on the big screen Hollywood movies you are so certainly correct. Be careful, once to the designated as high-flyer colleagues, supervisors and managers in your professional environment. Can you find these properties even with them? Once considered that one in ten executives in Germany is showing signs of psychopathy , we can at least highlight the empathy before. Given the high number of narcissists is also behind the self-confidence a big question mark. So is it the courage which makes a man to be predestined overachiever? In part, this may well be true, because we are the psychopathic superiors even closer to, seem to lead ruthlessness and daring quite to the goal – at least on the career ladder and at least for a foreseeable future. But what secret ingredients it needs for long-term success? The surprising observation of Kayt Sukel are: conscientiousness, perseverance and willingness to learn.

Risk-Taker love pro and con lists

Well, not every flyer is home actually pro and con lists for its decisions lead. In a figurative sense, however, Superman remains rather be at home to early to go to bed and to be well rested the next day, but to go with his friends to celebrate – he has finally to do an important task, which is of the truest sense word comes to life or death. Conscience is therefore the secret ingredient number one all Durchstarter. Risk? Yes, but always under cost-benefit analysis. A true risk-takers plunges namely not just in unexpected adventures, but packs only carefully his suitcase and ensures that he has forgotten nothing. The ability to weigh a risk in advance and only entering into when it appears calculable – that preserves flyer before the crash. Had the brave Frodo without the conscientious Sam ever managed by his side until Feuerberg?Probably not! Courage is thus quite a prerequisite for true heroes, who wants but keep up in the air, also requires a high degree of conscientiousness.

Falling down, tap and go dust

As a child, we have the quasi done every day – involuntarily – and have it made us any further thoughts.Sometimes perhaps remained a small scar, from which we are now no longer even know where it comes from really. Today, in adulthood, the falling down is their greatest nightmare for many people. What shall the others think? What if I can no longer stand on its own? Perhaps I will stay for security rather sit equal in comfortable armchair! But Überflieger not sit, fly it. And the higher they fly, the deeper it can crash. The difference is: In this case they would simply tap the dust, take-up and take off again. Risk-takers are on the contrary even learn thankful for this process because of any error can be as well known. So instead to grieve over their failure or to sink into self-doubt, they rattle on again , venture out to a first small risk, then a new, slightly larger and soon fly again high above the clouds. That here this includes a lot of self-confidence, of course, is undisputed.

Even Superman has started off small

You want to become a high flyer, so strap on just a parachute on his back and jump off the cliff? Please do not! Even the superheroes of our childhood have started small and steadily increased. So there are not boundless courage or a boundless appetite for risk, but perseverance and sustained willingness to learn,which differ a suicidal from a successful risk-takers . Overconfidence or narcissism namely driving many people to enter into uncalculated risks thereby shoot professionally and personally over the top. This can be a time to go long good, but at this rapid pace, you can dodge no longer an obstacle. But this will come eventually – guaranteed! Life is finally no race track but a bumpy ride through valleys and over mountains.

therefore true overachiever do not have a high degree of self-reflection and a realistic idea of what they lack confidence in themselves and the risk they can go, and that (yet). You can accept their limitations and do not hang after compulsive delusion of having to prove themselves or their fellows, that freedom is boundless above the clouds. Because you know that the air up there sometime is very thin?

haughtiness comes before the event

As quickly as possible as high as possible out – which seems to be the motto of many risk-takers. Who does not have these three characteristics, so crashes usually sooner or later. Especially when its increased risk resulting from a psychopathic predisposition or narcissistic disorder. For those that with diligence, perseverance and willingness to learn and a realistic self-image and high degree of modesty enters calculated risks, has professionally making best opportunities and to be unparalleled.

But something distinguishes the hero from our childhood of the many so-called “Through starters” of today’s professional world: They act out of a deep passion and a sense of purpose in their work, as well as for measures risks. Reiner financial or professional success namely not happier. Makes sure companies therefore you again our ten tips to heart , make your appeal to the occupation, neglect Never your privacy and learn how to enjoy small and large successes. What so many flyer namely sooner or later crashes, is a fundamental problem of our modern generations: We have forgotten the satisfaction!