The data warehouse is the main arsenal of organisation’s historical data. It is the basic source for the management’s decision support system. An analyst of the organisation can get satisfied in his queries and subsequent analysis for the management decision from this source without slowing down the operations.

This warehouse in other word we can say the data mine is organised in different ways as per the convenience and availability. For e.g. it may be made in;

  1. Based on subjects.
  2. Based on time.
  3. Based on stableness.
  4. Based on integration.

The first two i.e. the subject and time are easy to understand. Obviously the information is arranged on subjects and on the basis of the time of occurrences. The stableness means the data base are made on the basis of as is when is. It is never over written or deleted and once made the data is stable and can read only and used for future reporting. The integration refers to the continuous data collection from the operation system and the data is made consistent.

Data Warehousing Resumes

This data warehousing is primarily utilised for business intelligence, management information system and decision support system. This successful management support system had made its distinctiveness in the early 1980s as a computer data base for the consistent demand for Management Information system. But it has got its share of limitations too, for e.g. the preparation of data base is time consuming, problems with the compatibility of the system and the security can be a major constraint particularly if the data is web attributed. On the whole this is a best management tool.

So, our main subject of making a resume for a position in data warehousing, we have to make sure the first basic qualification needed. Yes this need a good knowledge of computer operation and application. Any one is in possession of a basic knowledge of computers can aspire for a position in data warehousing. So naturally the competition will also be intense. In an intense competitive field you have to make your resume unique. We can not prepare a resume like calling for a contract notice of a government. We have to literally make it as an advertisement of you and that has to be attractive too. The employer or the HR person who evaluate your resume should develop an urge to call you immediately and invite you for an interview. Most of us commit the mistake of preparing one resume and send it for all type of jobs. This line of least defence approach will cause only failure. We have to suitably amend the resume for the requirement of the new job at the same time retaining our basic values.

Now let us look into the basic heads of a resume;

  1. Communication details
  2. Educational qualifications
  3. Experience
  4. Special Points if any
  5. References

Data Warehousing Resumes

Here we are not going to simply fill in the details under the different headings, unless of course you want to your resume to a pending file or an outright rejection. Let us examine how best we can make it distinct and attractive to the eyes of the evaluators.

We are discussing this keeping in mind of the fact that the field of data warehousing is really a competitive one. Yes, let us start from the communication details. This has to be on the top left corner of the first page in clear way including the contact numbers. In fact, I suggest to having it on each page at top left hand. When we think about distinctiveness, we have to think distinctively too. That is to say, suppose the evaluator find something fine in the third page of the resume, he may not have to reverse the page to number one but instead, then and there itself he can lift the hand set of the phone and dial your number. When you are selling yourself such small details will also go a long way.

The next one is not a paragraph head but a statement of OBJECTIVE. This is going to be the vital portion of your resume. I have seen most of us are used to write the objective as something particularly for us only for e.g. “A job which I can grow”. But for God’s sake please don’t write like that. By seeing the objective the employer will have to feel that you are a self confident, matured and down to earth individual. If you have succeeded in this you have been selected almost. So let us examine some of the OBJECTIVES.


Data Warehousing Resumes

These are some of the examples only. Though it is considered that the writing in capital letters are a sort of arrogance, but we will write our objective in capital letters only because we are confident in that..

Now the second paragraph of educational qualifications, we will replace it with the experience. We want the employer to focus on the point of their importance first in a competitive field of data management. The experience has to be presented with the clear picture of date and the organisation with the latest experience as the initial one and then progressively to the first assignment. It is better to quantify it, to say how your contribution has benefited the organisation.

After this you have to present your educational qualifications. If you have an attractive track record of education, by all means show it, starting from the secondary level. On the other hand if you feel that you are an average record holder, still don’t bother, show whatever you are having. The employer will be keener to see how best you will utilize your talents.

In the special point part of the resume, you can show your ability to organise the things, your hobbies or any other things which you are fond of. But it is not that important for a career in data management, but we can say it as a bonus point.

Finally the reference part, normally it need not be given at this stage, unless asked for. But please make sure that the references are given only after taking the approval from the person concerned.

So a career is waiting for you in data warehousing. Wish you all the best. But do not forget to prepare a suitable covering letter too to forward your well and painstakingly prepared resume.