Dentistry is one profession that needs extremely competent assistants. Dental surgeons look out for well qualified and skillful assistants who can do justice to the patients. Because it a service centered profession, a good dental surgeon and an equally well equipped dental assistant will make the patients return to the same dental clinic.

Key Skills:

  1. Proficient
  2. Hard working
  3. Honest
  4. Well qualified
  5. Competent
  6. Excellent care-taker

Dental Assistant Resumes

Dental Assistant Resume Format:
The format needs to be extremely appealing. Make use of table and highlight the sub-titles of your resume and then go on to describe the tasks that you have handled over the years. Most of the resumes are rejected on a first glance as the format is too complicated to make out any thing. So focus on your core features and then set out the information.

Here is the format-

  • Factual Details
  • Academic Background
  • Work Experience
  • Well qualified
  • Interests
  • Conclusion

Dental Assistant Resumes

Based on the above structure and format, your information must be supplied well in your dental assistant resume.

The factual details comprise of your name, current residential address, permanent residential address (if both are the same then mention only one), contact numbers and email address. This information needs to be correct as it serves as the point of contact between you and your prospective employer.

Your academic background must boast of BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science) degree or a basic MBBS and another add on that specialises in Dentistry. You need to put your degrees and qualification in the ascending order, for example, from 1999 to 2004. Mention the name of your school, your college and the year of passing out and the degree that you have earned in the respective category. Also mention any of the assignments that were given to you in the course of your academic qualification.

Dental Assistant Resumes

If you are a fresher, you have nothing except for your good academic background. But if you have been around for a little longer, you can state the details of your previous doctors and surgeons with whom you have worked or assisted. State the details in an ascending manner, and also mention the time you have spent assisting the doctor in his or her clinic. Remember, for a dental assistant the most important thing besides sincerity is vast experience in dental care. You must also be ready for a good reason as to why you are looking for a change of job if and when asked in the personal round of interview.

Dental Assistant Resumes

References or your professional contacts are extremely important in your resume. Names and contact details of your references must be provided in the resume. Mostly these references should be the ones who are extremely pleased with your spirit of working and who would recommend you to some other dentist or a dental surgeon. It could be a doctor in a hospital or a professor in your college, but just make sure that you have a good feedback lined up.