If you are planning to have a resume that looks attractive, you will want to choose an appropriate resume layout. Even though there is not a certain layout that is applicable to every resume, there are a few guidelines that you should follow to make your resume look professional and neat.

It is often said that what a resume looks like is almost as essential as what it contains. You should ensure that your resume looks as professional as possible by making it easy to follow and appealing to the eye.

How to Design Your Resume Layout

It all starts out with the heading. This is where you present your name, address, and other contact information. This is basically the only place where you can express your creativity.

How to Design Your Resume Layout

Design a heading that helps your name stand out. You can also use this same heading for cover letters and thank you notes.

How to Design Your Resume Layout

In addition to the tips on heading above, consider these guidelines when creating your resume layout:

  1. Keep the margins one to one and ½ inches all around the page.
  2. Between sections use 2-3 line spaces.
  3. Keep you headings in all sections consistent. If you capitalize your Profile Section, don’t underline and italicize your Employment History section.
  4. Only use one font in your resume layout. Make sure that it is a font that is easy to read. Remember, employers only take a quick glance at resumes. You want something that is easy to follow and not distracting. To be safe, stick to fonts like Times New Roman or Palatino. These two fonts are the ones most often used in business writing.
  5. Keep your resume to one page. If you are finding that your resume is longer than this, you are probably saying too much. You can shorten your resume to one page by editing out repeated or unneeded information, and shorten previous job descriptions. Perhaps you have also included too many optional sections.

With the advent of the computer, there is no reason to have a resume layout that looks sloppy. Be sure to experiment with your resume layout until you are happy with the outcome.