Today life style of people has changed a lot, they find short of time for every thing and they have to be very fast in doing their daily work let it be domestic or professional. Because of this work culture and busy schedules people got habituated untimely food habits. One is not able spend time even for having proper food which help them in doing their work efficiently.

And untimely food habits does not give energy to work and does not keep you healthy enough, people are also not bothered about this fact , they just want fast and simple food to save the time. Because of this unhealthy food habits they are getting effected and become unhealthy without knowing.

Dietician: Career Information

The solution for this is healthy diet, with proper diet one can keep away most of the illness, and to healthy diet on would require the help of the dietician. The reason for most of the ill health is unbalance food or diet , one should ensure that the food he takes is properly balance with all the required proteins, carbohydrates etc One who prescribes the balanced food or diet is called “Dietician”.

The dietician prescribes the diet scientifically to the patient based on the food habits and medical records, i.e. what kind of food and how much quantity and at what time in aday.

Dietician: Career Information

Now a days right from the small hospitals to big corporate hospitals has a dietician on their board and it has become a mandatory requirement. Today dietician is consulted by the small children, corporate executives, healthy people, youngsters and to elderly because as these people are more health conscious, hence the schools, corporate, gyms, health care centers, hostels are engaging dietician on their board.

For whom: Dieticians attract the same kind of respect as a qualified doctor, when compared to rest of professions the work pressure is less and the work timings are also flexible. The earning in this profession are very good. But one has gain knowledge on the subject and should be able show pity on the patients or people who visit for consultation, and should believe by himself that a good diet suggestion will definitely improve the health of the people.

Dietician: Career Information

Eligibility: One should have completed intermediate course or a graduation course in Bachelor of home science or Bachelor of arts in home science. Later on post graduation in home science or food sciences, nutrition as a specialization. In our country few agricultural universities are offering B.Sc and M.Sc in home science. A science group in intermediate is mandatory.