Many clients have asked me how an Australian resume/CV differs from the American or European version?

Australian resumes are typically between 3 and 4 pages in length (sometimes 5 pages for an executive level resume). We mainly rely on detailed job descriptions and achievements to form the bulk of the resume. Photos, DOB or marital status are not required for Australian resumes. Australian resumes generally follow a chronological format.

American style resumes – Generally shorter than the Australian version (around 2 pages) and focus heavily on achievements and results. Less emphasis is placed on the job descriptions. Graphs and charts are often used to demonstrate significant success in a particular area. Functional skills resumes are popular as they focus on skills and experience, rather than on chronological work history.

European resumes – Many require a photograph and personal details (DOB, marital status etc.) Depending on the country, these resumes can be very creative and follow a mixture of chronological, functional and combination formats.