There are many reasons to consider distance learning  – run their own director, continue working or raising children – the reasons are truly individual. And in crowded auditoriums, excessive care, first-come-first-served disputes in front of Library locker and unfriendly service staff it feels in the domestic housing but far more convenient to.

Distance learning - yes or no? Tips for Choosing

Graduates of a remote-Uni, which have reached their conclusion in parallel with work, is often said to have above-average motivation, strong stamina and high load capacity.

In this case, a degree through distance learning by employers is seen as positive the degree from a university presence. But like everything in life, distance learning has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Des own fortune

One of the most relevant benefits of distance learning is probably the freedom of the place and time of learning. One chooses his own pace and thus determines the working rhythm of his studies.

Of course here limits, because the study eventually fulfilled not by itself.
The given independence a distance learning is also want an alternative for professionals who educate themselves or make up for an academic degree, because usually both primary and advanced studies offered , In addition, distance learning only set presence dates for the review periods, which is an advantage for parents with younger children.

Detachment from competing thoughts

The quality of teaching at an Open University differs usually not particularly from a classical university. Regular checks (submission of papers, essays, etc.) and virtual service via the Internet provide the necessary pressure to move forward and not to leave the study grind.
On the other hand: No campus without students. The lack of competition, competitive pressure decays immensely. Sure you still have expectations of yourself / family / partner in the back – but it lacks the incentive to his studies as quickly to end like their peers.

in virtual worlds alone

The innovative use of the Internet is blessing and a curse. Firstly, it is fast, effective and inexpensive. On the other hand it replaces simply no campus. Without Campus there is no social connection to fellow students and no network configuration. Even the sometimes wild parties will be abandoned.

Another disadvantage is the often extremely long duration of studies – often require students in distance learning twice as much time as “full-time student”. The costs are higher on average than in a regular studies at a university. From exam fees on travel expenses can pile up a lot here! The longer duration of study is, however, also due to the fact that the students besides still work or educate children.

To stay in the standard period of study, correspondence courses require an immensely high level of self-discipline, perseverance and organization. In addition, the lack of competition and the consequent social control by the students can lead to loss of motivation.
In addition, it is in a distance learning very difficult to build a network that can support the career and career. It is much more personal commitment necessary than at traditional universities, where you can leave from other partially “go along”.

Tips for Choosing a remote-Uni

The University Hagen is the most famous Open University, but there is still more. Here is an overview of various German open universities:

  • Fern-Uni Hagen
  • Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt
  • Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule Darmstadt
  • Allfinanz Akademie
  • LAGS
  • Hamburg Academy
  • Remote Academy Velcro
  • Fernuniversität DUW in Berlin

Eighth in the selection of a remote-Uni sure that the content offered certified , so the financial statements also recognized by the state are! Otherwise, it could complicate the subsequent job search.

Find out thoroughly beforehand about the costs ! Basically courses private universities more expensive than that of the state. Consider in the accounts and the resulting   travel expenses !

A study is not only a valuable experience, but also the best protection against unemployment , regardless of whether you opt for a distance learning or the domestic campus prefers. Making a decision is not an easy task. But one thing is certain: There is only one right way … your own!

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